Sunday, February 15, 2015


Sometimes you just need to stitch a silly canvas.  When in Doubt Twirl by Amy Bruecken is simply a happy, fun, makes-you-smile when stitching it canvas.

Mine will probably be a Valentine's Day decoration by the time I am finished, so it needs to continue to be fun and happy and make-me-smile but not necessarily be my life's work.

Stitch painted on 13ct this will be a quick stitch.  Today was the first lesson of our mystery class and we are already halfway finished.

The background is complete!  Yes, complete.  The bottom is a new layered stitch that I really like.  It moves!!!  The texture makes me happy.

The top section is super fun.  I  knew I wanted dots.  Oh heck, I always want dots.  But I do so many different patterns that are dots I really needed to do something different.  It also needed to be something that would move pretty quickly.  That's a lot of area for me to do in one stitch.

I started with the Crescent Circle originally seen in Knots Fur and Turkey Work by Meredith Willet and Beth Roberston.  (Favorite book of mine.)  Some circles twirl clockwise and some twirl counter-clockwise.  With a simple turn of the canvas, you get even more options for how the circles are positioned on the canvas.

From there I added Jessicas of different sizes.  You know I love Jessicas.  I like the movement and the  silliness of the dots all over the background.  I'm okay with exposed canvas.  If you aren't there is always the option of filling in the negative spaces with T Stitch.  And look, it appears our little penguin in juggling!!  How fun is that?

Since this is the first lesson of the mystery class, we unveiled the magical snap tray by Carol Eix.

It's not too late to join us on this adventure.  The next class is in 3 weeks.  You have plenty of time to catch up, or not.  give us a call 410.296.0405, or order on line.

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Kimberly said...

who doesn't love dots!!

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