Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And a Twirling We Will Go

Sunday was the second and final installment of When In Doubt Twirl.

This was truly an easy stitch.

The penguin is of course beaded because its me and I love beads.  I also love Swarovski so the background is scattered with big wonderful flat back Swarovski crystals.  He is a magical penguin, spinning and dancing on his music box and throwing glitter everywhere!

There were a couple of challenges with this piece, one was the purple swirl lines.  I chose not to stitch them.  You know how I am with perspective.  They really need to float into the background and stay there.  Every stitch that I added made them come forward and scream for attention.  The stitch that worked the best was a very light Basketweave with Kreinik.  That's what is in your kits but I still prefer it not stitched which is what I did.

Don't you love the big swirly button that Zecca made for us!  Thank you Karen.

For a little variety, Kate chose to stitch the lime green background on hers.  She was concerned that there wouldn't be enough sparkle.  :-)

She used Kreinik Very Fine (#4) Braid 015L in the Woven Pattern across the entire background.  It adds just a hint of sparkle and pulls the green at the top of the piece and the bottom of the piece together.  Fun Stuff!

Feel free to be creative and edit when following a stitch guide.  There are no rules.

In two weeks we start Emma's Darling Bird by Kimberly!  Loving the colors in that piece.  If you would like to join us, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or click on the link to sign up on line.

See you soon.!

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Kimberly said...

BTW...love the way you switched up the beading direction for the twirling feet! Awesome!

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