Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Friday Games

We've been playing a game on Fridays and it's really a lot of fun.

Each Friday we pick a canvas and pull threads for it.  Just a challenge of sorts to us.  No rules, no stitches, no guides, just pull for color and texture and bling.

I take a picture of the canvas and threads and share it on instagram and Facebook.  The first person to call us or private message me on Facebook gets the whole shebang at 10% off.

You win a discount and we don't have to put away our pretty little mess.

These are some of the canvases that have recently been featured.  So much fun!

Here's the link to Instagram, follow us and be the first to see the canvas of the week.  Who knows, maybe we will start doing this daily.

Because you are the best customers a girl could ask for, these three canvases with their threads are once again 10% off.  One of each is in stock.  When they are gone the sale is over.

Good Luck.



Christine Norton said...

Now I am totally stalking your Instagram! :-)

Ruth Schmuff said...

yay for stalking instagram!

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