Monday, March 23, 2015

Pretty Bird

Our newest Mystery Class started yesterday!  It's a sweet colorful bird by Kimberly - Emma's Darling Bird.

The colors make me happy, it's whimsical and charming and just plain fun.

You know me, we had to start with the background.  I resist counting stitches through already stitched areas so I get the background done first.  It also sets the stage and allows all other threads to sit on top of the background.  I like perspective and depth in my needlepoint.

The background is a variation of a Flower Pattern originally designed by Brenda Hart.  I love this pattern, I think I have eight versions of it in my archives.

I started with the large flowers in the background and then added the flower centers.  I could have stopped there.

I wanted more, I wanted to play with the idea of a subtle tone change in the painted background, lights and darks, a shadow, depth  I created the depth by adding more to the pattern in certain areas.  There's a patch in the upper right, a larger patch under and around the bird, a little here a little there.  I was having a great time, creating subtle color variations.  I didn't want to stop.  I had a plan, I painted with the threads on the canvas with a very specific goal in mind and was having way too much fun.  That's when I realized you would all tell me it's RANDOM.

Oh well, you are stuck with me.  I like random.  I like color.  I like polka dots.  Those things seem to keep repeating.  Oh yeah, I like bling.

Hope you like the background too.  If you don't want to do the shadows, you could always fill in the entire background with the extra part of the pattern.

There's always cool add-ons with the first lesson of a mystery class.  Check out the super-cute limited edition snap tray, special just for this class.

Its not too late to join the class.  We can send lesson one now and then you will be in the queue to receive the rest of the lessons as they are released.  Lesson number two is April 12th.

See you then.


Kimberly said...

LOVE IT!!! Love random, love dots, love the way it mirrors the side border flowers!

Sheena said...

Love the background! It doesn't look very random just a few www areas 😀

Christine Norton said...

This is fabulous! I didn't even notice the variations at first glance...then started seeing it as I studied it more closely. It's really, really beautiful!

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