Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vacation Days

What?  I think I went on vacation?  How did you miss it?

So what do I do on vacation?  I invite a few dear friends to visit and play.  It has to be artsy.  It has to include friends from near and far.

You may know I am a closet beader.  I love my sparkly things and have a great appreciation for bead woven jewelry and the designers who design it.

I dabble in offering those types of classes at the shop and incorporating a little beadwork into various needlepoint projects.

I am fortunate to have bead designer friends and other friends who someday may design or at least teach me via text and email. They enable me greatly.

I invited my friend Amy Katz to come and teach a private class.  I love Amy's jewelry.  It's totally fashionable and wearable.

Amy is a very patient teacher.  She demonstrated each step of the project on nice big beads so we could see what she was doing.

We learned all the techniques necessary so that we could make this necklace and bracelet.  

They really are quite doable projects.  They are no where near finished on my bead tray but they are fun and one day they will be finished.  I promised Amy.

We can't wait until Amy comes back, it will be another fun project I'm sure.

Check out her website at and see all the other beautiful jewelry she has designed.  

Of course we couldn't invite a teacher to party and not have her sign the autograph board.  It's tradition!

Thanks for coming Amy and making this a very special vacation weekend.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sandra in Wonderland

Sandra Arthur was here this weekend charming us with her Southern grace.

She had all sorts of fun tips and tricks for stitching The Queen and The Lady Hatter by Sandra Vargas.  It was truly a weekend of Sandras in Wonderland!

It's fun to hear from another designer that their minds work rather like mine.  There's the "Oh wow, I really want to stitch this area" moment, and then we're off and running stitching that area.  Yay!  Just how I envisioned it and then the reality hits.  We still have the rest of the canvas to stitch.  :-) Details, details.....

That's how Sandy's mind worked on the Queen.  She fell in love with the puffy sleeves and the wonderful ribbon to stitch them with.  The rest as they say was history.  Fluffy curls for her hair were super cute when made with Baby Fluffy Fleece.  Tack it in place and you are good to go.

Check out the trim on the bodice of her gown.  OMG, so cool and so easy.  Secure your ribbon to the canvas with two long ends on the front and then start tying knots.  Easy, peasy.  I'm seeing this on other canvases.

Here's the shocker about the Lady Hatter.....

The background was originally completely felted with silk roving!  What a riot!  Pretty cool.  Sandy changed her mind on it, pulled it out and used the same color thread in a pretty all over stitch.  Never be afraid.  Everything can be stitched over, ripped out or embellished into working.

What drew Sandy to The Lady Hatter?  The single peacock feather.  It reminded her of her pet peacock. Who knew?

It's always a fun time when Sandy comes to visit.  We've got a few things up our sleeve so stay tuned.

On another note, geisha thee from Row of Ladies II is complete.  We're waiting for some threads and then she will be shipping out.

In the meantime, I have plenty to do planning the last lesson of Emma's Bird.

See you soon.


Friday, April 17, 2015

What's Our Next Mystery?

I love our mystery classes.  They keep me focused on one project and they challenge me to create fun things for you that are a little unexpected.

Our next mystery class has lots of room for the unexpected.  Check out this darling funky cat.    It was created just for us by Michelle Noiset through CBK.  I can't wait to get started on it!

There will be three classes, Mau 17, June 14 and 28th. You can join us in person or sign up long distance and have us send you each class kit.

Give us a call at  410.296.0405 to sign up or sign up online here.

As with all the mysteries there is a coordinating snap tray by the one and only Carol Eix.  It's only available to class participants and it is going to be darling.

We have one more lesson of the Emma's Darling Bird Mystery Class.  It's May 3rd from 12:30 - 3:30 if you are planning on joining us in person.  It's a super fun piece with lots of details.  Flowers are next!

If you haven't signed up for this class it's not too late.  We have canvases in stock and it's truly a fun ride.

See you soon.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Newest of the New from Kelly Clark

So how cool is this?

We have the Kelly Clark Trunkshow in the shop for a few more days.  It leaves Tuesday.

Kelly just sent me photos of new pieces that are so new they aren't even on her website yet.  She does have them in stock so if you order now they will be here soon.  Yes, they will be on sale.  20% off thru Tuesday 4/21.  You can order here and we'll take the discount when we process your order.

Hope you are thinking Christmas!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Such a pretty bird

Emma's Darling Bird is such a darling bird and so much fun to stitch.

How can you resist?

Today was the second class of the Emma's Darling Bird Mystery Class.

We stitched not only the bird but the purple scrolls

and a bit of the left border!!

I love all the little details.

Adding to the excitement today, the class magnets and matching scissor fobs arrived.  Everyone in class will be receiving a sparkly-blingy magnet to hold their needles on their canvas.  If you would like a matching scissor fob, give us a call.

I'm always open to interpretations of my vision of a canvas we are stitching.  Nancy brought her alternate background to show us today.  She started with my pattern and then connected the tiny cross stitches in the centers of the flowers to form a latticework.  

It's a very pretty latticework.

 The final lesson of this canvas is in three weeks.  I have lots of fun planned for this lesson!

See you soon,

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Many Birds, Many Trees, Many Leaves, Much Fun!

The one and only Meredith Willet came to visit and we had two very fun classes.

One of the classes was a hybrid of sorts -- a combination of an embellishment class and a project class.

OMG was this fun and creative and inspiring.  If you ever have the chance to take a class like this, take it.  It opens your mind and is so so fun.

We started with the Zecca Many Birds canvas, Meredith came to class with ideas for every area of the canvas.  Meaning ideas for birds (wings and bodies), leaves, tree bark etc.

It was then our job to decide what we wanted to stitch where and in what thread.

We had a fun thread bar of threads that Meredith had selected plus we had an entire store of goodies to select from.

There was a little shopping frenzy until we got into the swing of things.

We created bird wings with Detached Buttonhole Stitches using two different threads

Here's my bird with a more contrasty colored wing.  

Meredith demonstrated Fly Stitch leaves

We experimented with lots of fun stitches for leaves.  Each was cuter than the next.

There were boucle trees

Couched trees

 Irregular Romanian Couching Trees. (guess who loved this one :-)


Of course there were ribbons in the mix.

Jessicas stitched with ribbon

Gathered Ribbon Roses

Twisted Ribbon Roses

Japanese Ribbon Stitch Tulips

And check out this super cute little Star Stitch.  This was everyone's favorite.

All in all it was a great class.  We will certainly be doing this concept again soon.

See you soon.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Hoppy Easter

Wishing you and yours a  Happy Easter, Happy Passover, happy holiday weekend.  Enjoy!

These are my friend Katie's dogs.  They are ready to party!

We will be closed tomorrow for the holiday.  Happy Stitching.

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