Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vacation Days

What?  I think I went on vacation?  How did you miss it?

So what do I do on vacation?  I invite a few dear friends to visit and play.  It has to be artsy.  It has to include friends from near and far.

You may know I am a closet beader.  I love my sparkly things and have a great appreciation for bead woven jewelry and the designers who design it.

I dabble in offering those types of classes at the shop and incorporating a little beadwork into various needlepoint projects.

I am fortunate to have bead designer friends and other friends who someday may design or at least teach me via text and email. They enable me greatly.

I invited my friend Amy Katz to come and teach a private class.  I love Amy's jewelry.  It's totally fashionable and wearable.

Amy is a very patient teacher.  She demonstrated each step of the project on nice big beads so we could see what she was doing.

We learned all the techniques necessary so that we could make this necklace and bracelet.  

They really are quite doable projects.  They are no where near finished on my bead tray but they are fun and one day they will be finished.  I promised Amy.

We can't wait until Amy comes back, it will be another fun project I'm sure.

Check out her website at and see all the other beautiful jewelry she has designed.  

Of course we couldn't invite a teacher to party and not have her sign the autograph board.  It's tradition!

Thanks for coming Amy and making this a very special vacation weekend.

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