Monday, May 11, 2015

Can I have a Favorite?

Every time I stitch one of the ladies in the Row of Ladies Mystery Class, I swear she is my favorite :-)

I know a mother shouldn't have a favorite but what can I say?   Each one is cuter and more fun than the one before it.

The third lady is complete and shipped late last week.  Some of you even had a visit with her for Mother's Day!

All the ladies stitch quickly.  I love creating their dresses.  We have a new stitch for the dark green area and lots of fluffy trims to give her dimension.  You know I love the pinks and limes together.

 Here's the first three girls all glammed up and ready to party.

The trim at the top of her cape is simply ruched Neon Rays+.  How easy is that for big effect.

And of course there had to be ribbons and beads for the flowers in her hair!  Her hair is needle weaving and it looks just like a fancy braided hairstyle would!

She's back at the end of the Mystery with a Twist rotation for me.  

Today I'm working on the first class for Sitting Pretty.  Class is this Sunday.  Wait until you see what I have in store for you!  Too cute. Makes me giggle every time I look at it.  Then it's back to the Count.  My poor bat has been languishing.  Too much too do and not enough hours in the day!

See you soon.



Ines Quintana said...

Hi Ruth,

Hope all is well with the transition :) A few questions: (1) Will the remainder of the ladies be completed in a blog format class? (2) If so, any chance you can elaborate on how to do the pink flowers on Lady #3's head eu
Ither via a video or photo? (4) What is the ETA on Lady #4?

Many thanks,

Ines (on behalf of Martha)

Ines Quintana said...

Goodness Siri does a lousy job dictating! (4) was supposed to be (3). And my bad on (2), the question was supposed to be how go do the flowers on the shoulder( not hair or head )

Ruth Schmuff said...

Siri started talking to someone else on my phone the other day. Geez! Give your grandmother a hug for me. I'll take pictures at the beginning of the week for her. Next lesson should be in a few weeks. I haven't forgotten. Soon. xo

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