Monday, June 22, 2015

Brenda Weekend

The one and only Brenda Hart was here this weekend working her magic for a group of fun ladies and canvases.

They were a very relaxed group,

a silly group,

 but a studious group.

They obviously needed lots of fortification. Hard to believe there were only 4 ladies at this table.

Two of the ladies were stitching Diane Dirks' Just Do It.  It's going to be amazing when its finished!  So many ideas in this piece that no one other than Brenda could ever have thought of.  I really want to see this one finished.

Check out this pig!  Brenda has her stitching flowers all over it.   It's turning out so cute.

And this moose!  He has such an attitude.  I'm not sure quite how to describe it but it's an attitude alright.    Sprat's Heads make the trees in the background.  Very cool idea.

This was a favorite canvas of everyone.  I love the pattern that Brenda added to Santa's coat.  

The palm tree is masterfully stitched.  Fly stitch was the perfect choice for these palm fronds.

From all of us at Bedecked and Beadazzled, wish you were here!  Maybe you can join us next time?  Brenda will return September 18-20, 2015

P.S.  Monte says Woof!

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Pediatric Musings by Dr. Margaret Payne said...

I love the first canvas pictured in this blog entry. Can you tell me the artist and the name/number? Thanks.

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