Monday, July 13, 2015

Embellishment by Ruth

Stitching with Friends.  That's what this weekend was.  Ten wonderful friends old and new in one store with lime green walls.

Each of the ladies had a different canvas.  They were welcomed to the class with wonderful bags of threads, beads and goodies waiting for them on their canvases.

Then there was the big reveal, complete stitch guides for each canvas ready for stitching.

Each of the canvases was special.  They were all fun to stitch guide.

Peggy requested the EyeCandy Snow White Collage!  Lots of embellishment opportunities here.  Real metal threads, beads, crystals, Russia Braid and more. 

The Zecca Anu Bird is going to be a riot of silly textures.  It is a fantasy bird after all.

I am in love with this game board also from Zecca.  Jamie got a lot done and it is spectacular!

Lani's Spring Easter Collage is going to be stunning when complete.

Pretty little borders that bring out the green in the design made Beverlee very happy.  We used lots of overdyes in this design not to mention lots of sparkle and beads.

Maggie's Cityscape is packed with tiny details but trust me there's lots of fun stuff in this one too. 

I love the Corina Luyken canvases from Maggie, Dog Walker is no exception.  So many details and opportunities for stitches.  The trick is handling the black outlines.

Kate challenged me with a very traditional Shorebirds canvas.  The background is sooooo elegant. 

What?  Another Zecca canvas?  Who can say no?

Wading is a cutie pie.  Again from Zecca but who's complaining?

Kathy gave me my choice of two canvases for this class.  (Yes, you all spoil me!)  I chose to stitch guide the Colors of Praise Paper Lanterns for her.  It's super light stitching but stunning as it comes to life.  The lanterns are paper in real life so they need to look like that on the canvas too.  The light shimmers through them.

Apparently the dress code on Saturday was black and white.  Too cute, girls.

We will be having more embellishment by Ruth classes in the future so check your calendar and start thinking which canvas you would like me to guide.  Next class is January 16/17 of 2016.  I'll need your canvas by September.  

In the meantime, if any of the canvases above speak to you, we are happy to kit them up and send them your way.



emilieburke said...

These are all so beautiful! I love them.

Christine Norton said...

The expressions on everyone's faces in the first picture just says it all. You can see how tickled and excited EACH person is! And boy I would love to just open up every one of those pink bags filled with threads and beads and who knows what else! Seriously, that is 90% of the fun! (or maybe's pretty darn fun!) And the stitches, Ruth...the stitches...I don't even know where to begin...they are ALL fabulous...bold and funky on some and oh so delicate on other pieces - it is so exciting! You truly do have a dream job!

Your next class is the weekend before my birthday! It's meant to be, right? I am e-mailing you and hope I can score a seat. THANKS, as always, for sharing the experience with the rest of us!


Ruth Schmuff said...

It better not snow and ice this time. I want you to have the full weekend experience!

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