Sunday, August 09, 2015

Ready for a Swim?

Lulu's La Sirena is complete.  Today was the final lesson.  She is off to the finisher next.  It was such a fun stitch!  I loved every minute of it.


There were lots of little details in today's class.   We finished her tail with Buttonhole flowers.  Love them!  Stitched in Floche, they are quick and give beautiful results.

A new stitch for her vest, and I love the one I picked for her T shirt.  Yay!  

The flowers in her hair are beaded, just like vintage flowers from years gone by they are strung on wire, twisted and attached to the canvas.  Easy peasy. The ladies in class today told me that I really should make it look harder.  :-)

The mer-cat is my favorite part.  I love her fluffy cheeks.  I just want to pinch them.  As you can see I was a little obsessed with buttonhole stitches!  Her tail fin is worked with buttonhole stitches just like the flowers on the mermaid's tail.

Another new stitch for the mer-cat's tail and voilá another mystery class is complete.

So many fun details, I really like canvases like this where there are lots of changes but still enough room for stitches.

Thank you lulu for allowing me to translate your art into needlepoint.  There are more canvases in the wings awaiting their debut.

Join us here in two short weeks for the start of the Halloween Hooter Mystery Class.  He's sitting here beside me calling my name.  The ideas are brewing.



Christine Norton said...

The cat's cheeks are killing me! So cute! I love all of the beading and all of the little flowers and details! So much for keeping up with the class...I'm still on the WAVES! (Apparently I am unable to many rip backs...)

Thanks for such a fun kit - it is beautiful and SO fun. You are keeping me busy on my lunch hours. :-)

Ruth Schmuff said...

Glad you like her. I do LOVE the cats cheeks. Totally pinchable.

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