Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ghosts & Ghouls, Spiders and Bats

Today was the last lesson of the Halloween Hooter Mystery Class.  It was a quiet class with easy stitches.  Sometimes I do that.  I think we needed it today as the chill in the air had us all thinking winter.  It's too soon!

The focus was on the baubles and bits along the edge of the wings.  The stitches were selected to allow them to move around the wings.  Diagonal Brick is used for the lowest ghosts while horizontal brick is used for the top two ghosts.

The pumpkins change perspective as they move up the wing thanks to combinations of stitches that get smaller as they reach the top of the wing.

I love the tiny corkscrew stems on the pumpkins.  Small pieces of memory wire are twisted around a needle to make the stems.

The spiders really are truly magically simple.  Long Stitches of Arctic Rays and Fuzzy Stuff make their bodies big and puffy.  Instant Gratification.

I still have stitching to do on my hooter.  For now, he's a little lopsided with only the right side complete.  One day.....

Next weekend is Meredtih Willet's embellishment class and then we meet back here November 8th for the first lesson of the Christmas Reindeer Collage.  Hmmmmm, what fun will I concoct for this canvas?

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