Monday, October 12, 2015

My Eyeball Just Popped Out!

No, that's not as gross as it sounds.  This weekend was our second Zecca Retreat and it was a blast!  We love having Karen Hennessey here to stitch with us.  She is just as charming as her canvases.

Karen and I put our heads together and pick a canvas.  I then create the stitch guide and the rest as they say is history.

Karen and I and a group of fun, wonderful ladies spent two days stitching.

Our project was this wonderful canvas, Citizen's of the Jungle.  Oh so much fun!!!!  

Each of of these creatures is cuter than the next.

The big chameleon is by far everyone's favorite.  Lot's and lots of beads!!!!

And beads used in different ways.  They were sewn on individually, in clusters, brick beaded in several sizes to add depth and even a beaded bezel!  

Yesterday everyone created their beaded bezels to hold the glass cabochons in place for the eye.  New skills where learned!!!  We can now attach super cool shaped items to our canvases even if they don't have holes in them.  Granted, that glass eyeball was a slippery bugger and it did pop out more than once but we got there.  It's not that hard and it opens up so many possibilities of things we can do on other canvases.  

Timing was perfect for this class. The brand new Swarovski scarabaeus green crystals were just launched and they rock!!!  They are the perfect color for the dots on his tail.  

The chameleon is snacking on a dragonfly that uses my favorite repousse technique.

 This little guy is a sweetie.  I love his giant eyeball.  Yes, it has holes.

 Our froggy has glass doll eyes, easy to attach for big impact.

This is the yummy thread kit for the project.

Of course you know there had to be a fun scissor fob and a magnet to commemorate the event.

 This little guy came to visit and keep Carol company during class.  Talk about an amazing magnet!

Lunch as always was yummy.  I love my caterers!  This lemon drop cake will be in our future again.

Thank you Karen for sharing your talent and your warmth with us.  We wish you could be here all the time.

Thank you ladies for coming to class. We love you lots!

See you soon.


P.S.  If you would like a kit for the Citizens of the Jungle class, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order online here.


Catherine Stroup said...

Awesome!! So many great things about this project!! Love that background stitch! Love all the beading! Love those eyes! Love the accessories! Hope my kit gets here soon!

Natalie Bell-Kearney said...

Fabulous! What a fun day. Love all the eyeballs!

Christine Norton said...

Ruth, class was ALL THAT and a slice of lemon cake! What a terrific way to spend a holiday weekend. Such a fun group of ladies, so many ideas bouncing around, fun stories and good laughter. And is it wrong that I spend a ridiculous amount of time at work wondering what else I can pile beads on? I mean, PILE THEM ON?

Oh and the canvas...the canvas!!! Even more exciting in person. :-) The little details you think of are incredible...the storage bags, zipper pulls, needle magnets...and lots of in-shop temptations. Really better than Christmas. And Karen is just the sweetest ever!

Thank you for such a great time! Can't wait to do it again!


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