Monday, October 26, 2015

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Meredith Willet was here this weekend teaching canvas embellishment and it was a stellar class.  Great ladies, great canvases, great techniques.  Thank you all!

I come away from every experience with Meredith full of new ideas. 

Meredith will demo any technique and is always willing to help you get it just right.

This red thread canvas has a wonderful background that will move quickly and you know I love the beaded irises.

This Melissa Shirley Birdhouse Topiary is coming together so quickly.  
It's going to be awesome when finished!

Fun fish that will sparkle and shine.

The sheer number of cool techniques going into this stocking cuff is amazing.  I love his hat and did you notice the dimensional Christmas ball?  So cool.

The soft colors in this Lani kimono are going to be brought to life with Meredith's choices of beautiful stitches and threads.  

Road Trip uses one of my favorite techniques - repoussé for the cow's tail.

This graphic Sandra Gilmore canvas is going to be great when finished.  Love the picot eyelashes.

And of course this vase called for Meredith's favorite technique, or nué.

But would you have guessed it would make an equally great turtle shell?  
Who knew? Meredith, that's who.

By day two we are all buzzing with new ideas and Meredith is getting a little sassy.  
A great time was had by all.

Meredith, thank you for coming and sharing your talent with us.  We will see you in the new year!  Can't wait.  


1 comment:

Silverfox said...

Ruth, this is Monica. did Meredith ever send the Or Nue instructions she was going to email up from the last class in August? I could really use help on the turn of the thread tot eh next row.

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