Monday, November 09, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel A Bit Like Christmas!

Halloween is over, the turkey is getting fat and it's time to start thinking about Christmas!

What better way to start the season than with a spiffy new needlepoint?  We all love starting new projects.  Today was the first day of the Christmas Reindeer Collage Mystery Class.

Here it is with the center panel well underway! 

His cute little face is needle-felted.  I like needle felting for animals that aren't furry, smooth-coated critters.  It goes fast and there's no distraction of a stitch pattern.

His antlers make a strong statement so that they will hold up those Christmas balls.

Here's the extra fun part.  How often do you decide you don't like a color on a canvas.  What to do?  Paint it out?  Stitch it in an all over pattern that is full coverage?  Yes, these are choice but why not consider just working a lacy pattern in a completely different color?

When I designed this piece I considered many different colors for the background behind the reindeer.  The only thing that worked was brown.  But that still wasn't perfect.  I designed a multi-multi-step background blackwork pattern and stitched it in my new over dyed floche and Petite Silk Lamé Braid.  Love the combo and love my two favorite threads.  It softens the brown nicely.

It wouldn't be a mystery class without a matching magnet designed just for you.  
It's our thank you for joining the fun.

We also have matching scissor fobs if you would like one for your collection.  I love this one!

Carol Eix out did herself on the snap tray for this class.  Spot on and oh-so-cute!

If you would like to join the fun, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order online here.  We have canvases in stock and can send you your first lesson relatively quickly.

To my ladies already signed up there was a small glitch.  I received my order of felting tools and only got 3.  They didn't tell me they were out of stock when I ordered gobs for the class.  So, if I know you have felting tools, your kit will go out tomorrow.  Yes, my magical computer has cross referenced your previous purchases.  Pretty cool!

If you have a felting tool but didn't purchase it from us, give us a call and we'll send out your kit.   If you need a tool we will send it with your first lesson just as soon as possible.  Sorry for the confusion.

Next lesson in two weeks!


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Deirdre Zema said...

Do you ever do other larger gauge canvas? Like most babyboomers, my eyes and hands aren't what they used to be. I find a 7ct canvas easier to stitch.

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