Monday, November 30, 2015

Who Ate all the Hor d’Oeuvres?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It has been a whirlwind of a holiday season already and doesn't look like its going to slow down.  That's not necessarily a bad thing :-)  I like to be busy.

We area 90% moved into our new digs and unpacked.  YAY!

We had the two day Thanksgiving class Who Ate all the Hor d’Oeuvres? there this weekend.  The space is happy and fun and everything I could have wished for.

I love the art on the wall;  Karl painted it for me so that it would match our windows from the store.

Lot's of comfy chairs!

The canvas is a Melissa Shirley interpretation of Vicky Sawyer's art and it super fun to stitch and goes fast.  Sometimes 13ct is a good thing.

When I teach a project class I stitch along or at least that's the plan.  Here's my piece as of Saturday morning.  All the stitches are mapped out and ready for the students.

We have established that I am not a birder.  I named all the birds in the instructions a little wonky but they are wearing hats so use your imagination.  Here's my Robin/Finch.  The challenge of this canvas is that we love all the details and color changes, don't want to lose them but don't want to just Tent Stitch.  I selected threads, stitches and employed a good bit of color blending to make all of that happen!

The squirrel has very full, puffy cheeks.  His body will be fluffy when stitched with Burmilana and Wisper in Split Stitch.

Here's my little Blue Bird.  I love the stitch on his tummy.  Thank you Meredith Willet for that one.  So fun.  The paint shows through adding to the depth and dimension.

The Blue Jay/Woodpecker is really my favorite.  If you look at the original canvas, there's lots of shading and colors in there.  I wanted to keep it all.  I selected an open stitch worked a little row of white and then simply changed colors in the pattern to match what was painted underneath.  Super fun and quite effective.

Look who stopped in to be my teaching assistant, Sheena!!  So good to see her.  She's an awesome stitcher and great friend.

Here's the class kit with all the goodies.  Look at all those threads!  If you would like a kit, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order online and we'll send one out.  We're waiting for more canvases to arrive but we're happy to put your name on one.

Happy Cyber Monday.


P.S.  With any luck, I'm back on blogging and stitching track.  Next Mystery Class will be announced in a few days.


Natalie Bell-Kearney said...

Everything you do is wonderful! The new space so fun! Can't wait to stitch this project!!! These canvases otherwise intimidate me and I love your interpretations!

Ruth Schmuff said...

I'm so glad you are excited. I love interpreting canvases. Hope you can come visit one day.

Catherine Stroup said...

Loving your new digs!!!

Carol Toman said...

The new space looks great!!! Can't wait to see it person. And where do you get all the energy?
Love how you've interpreted the canvas, especially the breast done with Meredith's stitch.

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