Monday, December 21, 2015

The reindeer are ready

Well, almost ready.  Yesterday was the final class of the reindeer collage mystery.

Our reindeer now has eyelashes!  and ornaments on his antlers!  So fun.  I still have a few more details to finish before sending it off to the finisher but I'm almost there.  It won't be long.

I love the ornaments.  They are simple and quick.  Brick Stitch beading to the rescue but with the addition of the gold rings and the bows on the ornament caps the ornaments really shine.

And since you know I love beads, the swirls and swooshes in the bottom border are beaded.

As are the gold bands on either side.

 The pink and red stripes in the lower corner of the design are one of my favorite areas of the entire canvas.  The red stripes worked in Bound Cross in two different threads accents the Herringbone Stitch worked in ribbon!

All in all there's nothing too taxing in this piece just fun stitches and fun threads that stitch up quickly.  I'll finish it soon and post again.  Maybe the fat man will lend me an elf to finish it up.

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