Thursday, April 09, 2015

Many Birds, Many Trees, Many Leaves, Much Fun!

The one and only Meredith Willet came to visit and we had two very fun classes.

One of the classes was a hybrid of sorts -- a combination of an embellishment class and a project class.

OMG was this fun and creative and inspiring.  If you ever have the chance to take a class like this, take it.  It opens your mind and is so so fun.

We started with the Zecca Many Birds canvas, Meredith came to class with ideas for every area of the canvas.  Meaning ideas for birds (wings and bodies), leaves, tree bark etc.

It was then our job to decide what we wanted to stitch where and in what thread.

We had a fun thread bar of threads that Meredith had selected plus we had an entire store of goodies to select from.

There was a little shopping frenzy until we got into the swing of things.

We created bird wings with Detached Buttonhole Stitches using two different threads

Here's my bird with a more contrasty colored wing.  

Meredith demonstrated Fly Stitch leaves

We experimented with lots of fun stitches for leaves.  Each was cuter than the next.

There were boucle trees

Couched trees

 Irregular Romanian Couching Trees. (guess who loved this one :-)


Of course there were ribbons in the mix.

Jessicas stitched with ribbon

Gathered Ribbon Roses

Twisted Ribbon Roses

Japanese Ribbon Stitch Tulips

And check out this super cute little Star Stitch.  This was everyone's favorite.

All in all it was a great class.  We will certainly be doing this concept again soon.

See you soon.

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