Friday, May 15, 2015

Limited Edition

I admit it.  I'm the kind of girl that if you tell me something is no longer available or is about to be discontinued, I have to have it.

I know I will want it later.

I need it now!

Let's not talk about my collection of vintage swarovski that has been years in the making.  It sparkles.  It makes me happy.  You won't tell, will you?

So, in keeping with that vein.  Here you go.

Limited Edition from Zecca.  She only has a very, very few of these.  So, if you want the canvas and embellishment pack for $120 (threads additional) call us now 410.296.0405 or send me an email

If you were part of our Fabulous Frippery club this makes a great addition!

Happy Friday!
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