Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Lumpy, Bumpy and Messy

Not sure these are words that should apply to needlepoint but some how this weekend they did.

The one and only Meredith Willet was here for a whirlwind two days of creativity and we had a blast.  Thank you my friend for sharing your talents with us.

Sue, Wendy and I worked on the Melissa Shirley Chameleon.  We didn't get much stitching done but we have lots of plans.  The chameleon needs to be lumpy and bumpy right?

He will be completely beaded.  I think we picked 12 colors of beads.  I got as far as putting the 4 main colors in Bead Buddies.  Love those bead buddies!

Wendy got much farther than I did, she strung beads on wire and couched them in place to create the curl on the chameleon's tail.

Meredith really is a genius.  She whipped up a stitch for a leaf behind the chameleon and then modified it several more times to create movement.  The stitch arcs around the leaf.  Genius!  Kathy was put into service being our own Vanna.

Jamie has been working on this zecca bell pull since the last Meredith class and each flower is lumpier, and bumpier than the next.  It really is turning out great.

Check out this flower.  Each petal will have a pink bullion in the center of the petal outlined with cast on stitches on either side.  So clever!

Meredith has guided this Lani corset before and I love it every time!  The upper edge of the corset is again, lumpy, bumpy and perfect!!!  Check out those crystals!

It truly is the little details that make a canvas sing.  The jabot on the pumpkin man is striking and the happy fringe under his sidekick's neck is a little touch of beads with big impact.

Kathy worked on this gorgeous geisha from Meredith's own line.  The chopstick looks almost real when needle woven.

There is no other answer for the beautiful patterns on this obi than Or NuĂ©.  It really is a beautiful technique.

Monica worked on the Sandra Vargas Queen of Hearts.  She and Meredith planned an entirely different take on the canvas then Sandy Arthur did when she wrote her guide.   It's always fun to see two different artists interpret one canvas.

Check out the black collar.  Crazy simple, long stitches of Petite Very Velvet alternated with Kreinik 1/16" Ribbon.  Wonderful technique.

Here's another lumpy, bumpy - the turkey!  Need I say more, he's a gem.

A weekend full of wonderful stitches and friends.  What more could a girl want?  Can you tell how excited Kathy was :-)

Meredith will be back in October so watch for more antics then.

Thanks for visiting.

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