Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Jill Rigoli Came to Teach!

Jill Rigoli was here last weekend and we played with Laurel Burch canvases!  So much fun.

Everyone had a different canvas and Jill's ideas were spectacular.

There were Fanciful Fish

Indigo Horses

Beautiful Lotus

Moroccan Mares

Rainbow Woman

The Swan Goddess

Everyone worked so hard concentrating on new stitches.  Linda now has 3 canvases in her rotation.  We told her we had no sympathy until she needed a spreadsheet to track them all.  Sorry Linda, I couldn't resist :-)

Jill is a patient teacher who loves sharing with you why she chooses the stitches she does how to execute them.  She also loves all the embellishments we stock.  So fun!  Can't wait until next time.

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