Monday, September 28, 2015

The subtlety of color

Yesterday was the third installment of the Halloween Hooter Mystery Class. He's coming along quickly now.

This was by far the easiest class as it was mostly paint by numbers.

We filled in some of the veins on his wings.  We still have the prominent dark gray ones to do.

The eyes at the bottoms of the feathers were stitched in Tent and Outline Stitch and then there's all those beautiful colored stripes.

Here's where it gets interesting.  Our owl was painted in perfectly respectable shades of brown and gray.  Not my colors but they are what you expect on a halloween owl.

I decided to kick it up a bit.  We have this wonderful ribbon from Renaissance Ribbons designed by Zecca and the colors speak to me!  I used those as my inspiration and tweaked the colors in the owl to match the ribbon.  There are bright oranges, deep eggplants and rusts to go with the gray on our owl.

 Oh the magic of a subtle color change!

Don't forget, now is the time to sign up for the next Mystery Class, the Christmas Reindeer.  He's going to be so much fun.  Remember it takes 2 months to have canvases painted, if you sign up late, I may not have a canvas for you to start with the rest of the class.

See you soon.

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