Monday, December 07, 2015

More patches complete

We're rolling right along with the Reindeer Mystery Collage.  More sections are now complete.  It's shaping up.

The big reveal is the next lesson.  Cross your fingers.  I have an idea!!!

This week's class was all about pinks and reds.  Yes, the chocolate brown is addressed in this lesson but I'm not there yet.

There's lots of red sections on this canvas.  I chose a 3 part stitch and then played with the positioning of two of the threads in the stitch.  I wanted to experiment.  The photo above shows 024HL as the trame thread with 5505 as the accent.  The photo below reverses the position.  It amused me to see which showed up more.  Mind games.....

The main thread in the red squares is Gloriana Duchess Silk. It's my all time favorite thread for 13ct.  It fills the holes nicely.  I can use a long length without it wearing down.  It doesn't call every piece of cat fur in the house to come running.  And its beautifully over dyed.  There aren't a lot of colors but the ones that exist are yummy.  

The pink stripes on the left are herringbone stitch worked with ribbon.  I love herringbone stitch and the ribbon gives it a lot of oomph.

There you have it.  Lesson three complete.  More to follow just in time for Christmas.

Merry Month of December.


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