Monday, March 14, 2016

Bubbles and Borders

So much fun!  I just started this canvas and I'm already loving it.  Yesterday was the first lesson of the Wild Salmon Mystery Class and I had surprises for everyone.  You know I love surprises.  It's always good to keep you guessing what I will do next.

The canvas is by Teresa Layman and is bright and colorful.  Love that.

Lots of fun areas for stitches.  Love that too.

We focused on the outer border first, stitching the stripes.

Next up was the black background.  It is filled with little waves and bubbles from our fishies' mouths.

The really fun surprise is the addition of the outside border.  Little checkered ribbon sewn in place!  Uh oh!  Another use for all the pretty ribbon I have on my shelves. 

And of course with all of our mystery classes there is a matching snap tray by Carol Eix to corral your threads and keep them neat.  Each one is cuter than the next.  I love the green trim on this one.  Thanks, Carol.

 Three weeks until the next class.  We have canvases in stock if you would like to join the fun.  Give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order online.

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