Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Meredith Willett was here!

Need I say more? 

Two days of fun and creativity from the one and only Meredith.  The visits are always too short.

We had quite an eclectic collection of canvases to challenge Meredith with this time.  Unfortunately some photographed better than others.

Check out the claws on this eagle!!

The vase in the center of this Melissa Shirley canvas is a show stopper.  The flower petals are individually made.  Love that.  And look at the fun embellishment on the neck of the vase.

Sometimes you just need a photo of a really pretty new stitch. 

 This is such a special piece.  Every dog lover knows what it's like to be welcomed home by their best friends.  Check out the background and the fun new stitch combination for the shirt!  Too fun.

 Meredith's take on the Witches' Corsets has lots of fun ribbon techniques.

 We all love it when Meredith demonstrates her ideas. 
This Zecca Backgammon board is going to be awesome when finished!

The background of the board is a large Brick Stitch worked using 2 strands of Floche. 
Simple and elegant.

The tree on this Peter Ashe canvas is simple long stitches of Watercolors couched in place.  
Let the thread do the work!

 Pumpkins can be a challenge to find the perfect stitch for.  Not when Meredith is in charge. 
Long Stitches of Pearl Cotton for padding and strings of beads to make the pumpkin sing!

 This is classic Jane Juel. 
Rhodes Stitches for the grapes and a fabulous new pattern for the side borders.  Love the stitch.

 Look who came to visit her Aunties :-)  My girl Graffiti.  Love her and her mom!

Thanks for stopping by.  It's always fun at the beehive.

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Natalie Bell-Kearney said...

Inspirational as always! Love the new ideas!

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