Saturday, April 30, 2016

Now is your chance!

We are so lucky.  Marjorie Garcia Barnes is coming to teach for us. This is a rare and special opportunity.  She and her husband are moving to China very soon so please consider joining us for one or more of these classes.  A good time is sure to be had!

Venezuelan-born and award-winning jewelry designer and instructor Majorie has been working with a wide variety of beading and metalsmithing techniques over the last 30 years, gaining a reputation as an artist with a unique and particularly bold sensibility. She is also certified as a PMC (or Precious Metal Clay) Artisan by Rio Grande, and has been working as a jewelry and math teacher for the past 27 years.

The Queen of Hearts
June 25, 11-6

Join us to create this fabulous necklace featuring a Painted Lady cabochon by A Touch of Glass.  I love this necklace!  The detail in the cabochon is beautiful; when combined with bead embroidery and a few beaded dangly bits it rises to a new level of magic.

Fish Bracelet or Necklace
June 26, 11-6

Join us to make either a bracelet or necklace and learn a whole host of new techniques!  Love that.  We will make bezels and embellish them with crystal clay, rhinestones, beads, etc.  And then add bead embroidery to create a wonderful piece of jewelry.

I'm sure classes will fill fast, so sign up soon.  Full details are on our website.

Hope to see you here.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

More Stitchy Fun and new guides!

I promised to post more pictures from the weekend class and here they are!

First up is this darling chihuahua girl canvas by lulu mypinkturtle.  I could barely contain myself while writing the guide and again while Sue was stitching on it.  Thank goodness she is a turbo stitcher!

Look at all the areas she accomplished!

lulu canvases scream for fun and fanciful embellishments!  Big dimensional ribbon bows, ribbon roses, pom poms and beads.  Oh my;  I love this canvas!

I posted about the Witch's Corsets before but here they are with stitches in place.
The stands are all different as are the corsets.  This one is repousse!

Check out the new background.  Bats and diamonds perfect for a witch's boudoir.

Lastly is Sock by Corina Luyken.  Corina is another favorite artist of mine.  

 Jamie is another beautiful turbo stitcher.  She did homework Saturday night so we could see lots of areas in action!

I love the dimensionality of the Wirelace for the carving on the chair.  This knitter will have a stitchy chair fit for queens!

If you would like us to kit any of these wonderful canvases, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order on-line.  We are happy to send goodies your way.

This Sunday is the last lesson of Wild Salmon, stay tuned.  Good stuff is coming.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Wonderful Weekend of Stitchy Fun

This weekend we hosted a wonderful group of ladies for an embellishment weekend.

Each student selected a canvas and I wrote a custom guide for them.  There are some really fun canvases!

The Wind Whipped My Canopy by Sharon Hendy-Moman is really special.  All those beautiful flowers.

Peggy did a beautiful job capturing her face 

The green floral collage is going to be really cool when stitched.  We have all sorts of small patterns in the background and then the flowers will be big and bold and glorious!

Everyone loves the Peace moon from Laurel Burch.  Now it has a stitchguide!


The Julie Mar Tapestry Poppies is a classic canvas.  The background is really fun on this one.  The flowers will have lots of ribbon!

Just in time for the Melissa Shirley Virtual Trunkshow, we have guided this fun canvas, The Blue Bird Cage.

These were just a few of the fun canvases from class.  If anything strikes your fancy, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order on line.  We love sending kits out in wild.

More to follow!

Thank you all for coming.


Friday, April 22, 2016

If it's April it must mean Melissa Shirley

What do we do every April?

We have a trunkshow of Melissa Shirley canvases, that's what!!

Just because we are online only doesn't mean you should miss out on an opportunity to score canvases from your favorite designer at a lower than normal price!

From now until May 6th all Melissa Shirley canvases will be 20% off!  This includes in-stock and special order canvases.  There are even a few in our sale section of the website.  They are 30% off.

To see the entire line of Melissa Shirley canvases, click here.

To see our sale section of assorted treasures 30% off click here.

Enjoy our Virtual Trunkshow and give us a call with your wishes and wants.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Wind Whipped My Canopy

This lovely canvas is by one of our artists Sharon Hendy-Moman.  She paints Asian women in beautiful flowing kimonos and we translate them into needlepoint.

One of the lucky ladies in my embellishment class this weekend will be stitching this beauty.

Look at all the goodies we have ready for this canvas.  I can't wait for Peggy to start stitching.

If you would like to stitch your own Wind Whipped My Kimono, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order on-line here.  We'll do the rest.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

What a difference a color makes

Emma's Darling Bird by Kimberly Smith was really one of the most fun canvases to stitch!  All sorts of little gems to bring to life. I loved every inch of it.  Perfect size.  Lots of color.  Fun Stitches. 

It was one of our mystery classes last year.  Here's three different interpretations of the finishing.  What a difference a color makes.  I could live with them all.  But alas, I only get to live with one.

Betcha can't guess which is mine ;-)  Thank you ladies for sharing yours.

If you would like to stitch an Emma's Darling Bird of your very own, give us a call (410.296.0405) and we'll kit it up or order online here.  We have canvases in stock, just need to coordinate the threads.


Monday, April 11, 2016

A New Found Love, Bead Embroidery

Watch out ladies and gents, there's a new love in my life.  Bead Embroidery!

Kinga Nichols was here this weekend to teach three wonderful bead embroidery classes.  They were so fun!  I am hooked.  Others are hooked.  Too fun!

Our adventures began Saturday morning with Marty the Chameleon.  He is carefully outlined in pretty silver beads.  His googly eye is special.

 We made new friends and visited with old.

In the afternoon we made the Drop of Dew Earrings.  They are stunning on.  I want to make more!

 Kinga is so sweet and patient.  She makes everyone feel special and comfortable. 

We celebrated the end of the first day of class with crabs!  We love crabs and so does Kinga. 
After a quick lesson in how to eat them she declared they are a food that's a puzzle.  Gotta love that description.

The crabs were yummy. The company was great. 

Sunday's class began with my finding a pair of finished earrings at my seat.  Kinga needed something to do after crabs and I won!  Thank you!

Then we were on to creating Bees Knees!  It's a great necklace that moves along quickly.

Lots of embracing the chaos in this one.  :-)


Kinga really is a kindred spirit.  Throughout class she would get antsy and need to work on something. Does that sound like my attention span? ;-)

She worked on my Marty for a bit

and then Catherine's 

and then another.....

Before we knew it the day was over.  Class was wonderful fun.

We headed off to Yamato Sushi for dinner.  

 Danny out did himself with something flaming and yummy.  Best sushi ever!

We spent some time beading this morning and then Kinga headed home.  She will be back again next year for another weekend of beady fun.

Thank you Kinga for sharing your talent with us.


Friday, April 08, 2016

Bah Bah Bah Ba Barbra Ann

It's hard not to think of the Beach Boys when you read the name of this canvas.

Oh Barbara Ann take my hand
(Bar bar bar bar Barbar Ann)
Barbara Ann
(Bar bar bar bar Barbar Ann)
You got me rockin' and a rollin'
Rockin' and a reelin' Barbara Ann
Bar bar bar bar Barbar Ann

Now, imagine these sheep a rockin' and a rollin'  what more can I say?  It's a giggle

This crazy canvas by Brooke Connor now comes complete with a stitchguide!  What I love about this guide are the super cool threads that it features.  Four different threads from Stef Francis in the UK.  These are truly special threads beautifully hand dyed.

These sheep are waiting to come home to you.  Give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order on-line here.



Thursday, April 07, 2016

Bunnies On My Mind

Spring is here, or so the calendar says, which makes us think of flowers and bunnies and chicks and kitties. 

Kitties?  What?  Oh that's right, I always think of kitties :-)

Let's talk bunnies for Spring!

We have a bunny mystery class coming up.  Run Bunny Run by zecca

In my first big embellishment class Beverlee challenged me to write a guide for the wonderful Lani Easter Collage.

Look at all the yummy threads!  Several of you have called to order the guide and canvas.  Olivia finished hers!  Yay!  This is a sizeable canvas but with it broken down into nine smaller designs it isn't too overwhelming.  You get a great feeling of accomplishment as you finish each section.

We're talking about finishing the collage to hang over the back of a chair.  Doesn't it look great?  And since it is Isabelle's favorite chair it will be even more special.  

See, everything links to kitties and bunnies.


P.S.  If you would like to order the Lani Easter Collage, guide, threads etc. give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order online here.
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