Sunday, July 31, 2016

5 Lotus Redux - September 17 & 18

You know what happens when Karen from Zecca and I get togeher.....
It even happens when we are just chatting on the phone......

Ideas start to percolate!

And so, I am pleased to announce our latest collaboration.  5 Lotus Redux.

Join me September 17th and 18th for a fun filled project class packed with all sorts of color, texture and stitchy fun.

The canvas is in two parts so that it can be framed as a diptych, mounted together into an unusual finish or sewn together into one piece on a pillow.  Oooh!  Or what if the large piece was placed on one side of a purse and the small side on the edge of the flap on the other side.  Okay, okay, too many ideas.

Back to business here.

The canvases aren't too big 11.5 x 7 and  11.5 x 2, so they should stitch quickly.
Class price will be $265 plus the canvas, bars and thread kit.  Price to be determined.  All necessary supplies and a complete stitch guide will be provided along with lunch and desert both days!  We will spend two days stitching, hanging out, gabbing, giggling and having a grand time together.  
As with many of my special classes there are limited edition goodies as part of the project.  When they are gone they are gone and substitutions will need to be made.
11-5 Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18
Hope you can make it.  Space is filling up fast!

P.S.  Sorry, Zecca trunkshow special does not apply to this canvas.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Have You Seen Our New Look?

Visit us at today and check out all the new features.  

This has been a long time coming but I am delighted to say our baby has been born and it's a girl! 
A somewhat girly girl, but are you surprised?

I hope you love the new site.  

Most importantly, the shopping cart works better. YAY!  

The images are larger and when you hover over them you can see the prices.

The stitchguide section is my favorite, you can see all the canvases with guides in one spot.  YAY!  You can also still shop by designer and within each designer click over to the stitchguide tab and see just their canvases with guides.  Again, YAY!

At the bottom of the needlepoint page there are links to Christmas Stockings, Ornaments, Halloween and belts.  You don't have to search through the entire site just to find these items.

We're working to get more product on the site.  That will take some time,
but the new site is the bomb!

Some of the canvases even show you exactly what size stretcher bars you need so that you can check your stash before getting the canvas home.  YAY!

I hope you love it as much as I do.


P.S.  As a reward for reading all my excitement, enter the code WEBSITEFUN and receive 15% off any of my canvases or the designers I represent.  These are all shown in the top section of the Needlepoint page! *

*fine print.... previous orders are excluded.  Discount only good on orders placed via the website.  Offer valid through 8/28/16

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Visionary Arts Museum

Karen from Zecca land arrived Saturday evening and we did a quick Baltimore tour with Karl as our tour guide!  He's not a native Baltimorean but he does know his history.

Of course our favorite place is the Visionary Arts Museum.  We loved the mosaic on the walls.

And the mirrored tree outside!

We're not sure what the story is with this coo coo clock like thing but it's cute.

 Whirlygigs and characters abound.  Maybe next time we'll get there when the museum is open.

Such a pretty sunset on our way to dinner at Nacho Mamas, my favorite Mexican restaurant.  crab nachos and margaritas, great company.  It was a very late night. 

I like the quirky parts of our town.


Monday, July 25, 2016

A Very Special Bunny Came to Town

Yesterday was the 4th lesson of run bunny run!  As if that wasn't enough fun, I cooked up a very special surprise for the ladies in class.  I invited the one and only Karen Hennessey of Zecca to be here as our guest.  She's stitching Run Bunny Run too!  Everyone loves, loves, loves Karen as much as they love her beautiful canvases so it was great fun to surprise everyone.

Can't you just feel the excitement?  I wish I could have had all of you lovely ladies from class here but that would be some pretty steep airline bills.

Once everyone got settled an over the excitement, we got down to the business of the bunny.  Lesson four is all about sparkle and bling.

More sprocket flowers with fuzzy centers.

Note to self, if a background is completely sequined, you have to kick it up a notch when adding more dots.  Swarovski is just the thing!

Sometimes, simple is good.  French Knots and Tent Stitch make a lovely texture.

There are lots of fun shapes to explore with stitches on this canvas.

Our bunny is pretty darn happy to be here.

The final lesson is in two weeks.  This canvas gets cuter with every stitch. If you are still on the fence deciding if you want to join the fun, hop on over to the phone, give us a call at 410.296.0405 and we'll send you a kit!

Don't forget we have a virtual Zecca Trunkshow going on right now.  Purchase any Zecca canvas from now through the 10th of August and receive a coupon equal to 25% of the canvas price to use toward any future purchase.  Super great deal.  You can can see all of the zecca canvases online at  Give us a call for prices and availability.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Beady Fun at the Beehive

Liisa Turunen is returning to teach for us October 15th and 16th! 

Liisa taught for us last year  at Bedecked and Beadazzled and we all had a fabulous time.  Her beadwork is blingy and fun!  She is a delight and so very patient!  She can even see from across the room when we make a mistake. Oh to have young eyes!

We hope you will consider joining us for one or both days.

On October 15th  from 11-6pm she will be teaching the Fiona Lariat.

It is a sparkling delight with it's netted chain and two different finishes on either end!  Class cost is $275 and includes the complete kit and lunch.  Color choices are Silver & Gold, Bronze & Rosewater or Pacific Opal and Bronze.

On October 16th from 11-6 pm we will be hosting the Bracelet Bonanza!

Create one or both of these bracelets.  It's hard to choose!  Class cost is $275 and includes one complete kit and lunch.  Color choices for Calico are Jade & Bronze, Gold/Fuchsia/Green or Bronze & Yellow.  For Fair & Square choose between Clear/Blue, Nickel with Multi Color or Green & Gold.  Kits will be available so that you can also purchase a second kit, no class fee for the second kit!

A $150 deposit/class is required to hold your spot.

Registration closes August 30th.

Hope to see you in class.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Such lovely stitchers

I've been a busy bee.  We had an embellishment class last weekend with 9 lovely ladies who came to stitch.  Nine fabulous canvases all have brand new stitchguides! 

You saw a sneak peek in the last post of the canvases and threads.   Now you get a sneak peek of the stitching!

Black Cat Red Shoes by lulu mypinkturtle

A sparkling mermaid by me!

La Primavera by lulu mypinkturtle

Double Fan Geisha from Love you More

Amanda Lawford's fish

Charley Harper birds!

 The Tea Lady by Sharon Hendy Moman

Wag the Dog by Maggie

And lest you think shopping isn't hard work, the struggles are real.

Back to the website for me.  We're almost there.  I hope to be showing you a brand spanking new website very very soon.


Friday, July 15, 2016

A Sneaky Peek

Shhhh, don't tell.   We don't want to spoil the surprise.  We have an embellishment class this weekend and these are the canvases that were chosen.  They are all so fun!

 Black Cat Red Shoes by lulu mypinkturtle

Mermaid by me!

La Primavera by lulu mypinkturtle

Double Fan Geisha from Love you More

 Amanda Lawford's fish

 Charley Harper birds!

The Tea Lady by Sharon Hendy Moman

 Wag the Dog from Maggie
Vintage Melissa Shirley Undersea

Look at all that color and texture.  You know that makes me happy.  I'll post pictures of the progress after class.  All of these canvases now have stitchguides so if you would like to stitch any of them it's easy peasy for us to kit them up.

Next up in guide land is putting the finishing touches on the Oz Girls guide.  That one is going to be oh so fun.

P.S.  Next embellisment class by me is October 8 & 9.  Class is filling fast so if you would like to join the fun and have a fully detailed stitchguide planned for your stitching enjoyment, give us a call at 410.296.0405 and sign up.

Monday, July 11, 2016

It's a life changing flower

The third class of the run bunny run mystery was yesterday.  Now we're cooking.  We're stitching birds and flowers and fun stuff!

I am completely in love with the little birdie on the bunny's butt.  He is the cutest and he uses another new color of my Color Dreams Floche.  YAY!

The leaves and stems are yummy green silks in all sorts of different textures.

And then there is the life-changing flower!  Why is it a life changing flower?  Because you are now going to learn to love Turkey Work.  Yes, you read it hear and my ladies in class really did learn to love Turkey Work.

 Stitch 50% of the flower center in Scotch Stitch. Quick and easy.  We used Pepperpot.

The flower center is almost done!  Using 2 strands of Pepperpot doubled in the needle to make 4, work Mock Turkey Work in the remaining spaces in the flower.  Three stitches per square will do it.

Fill the center of the flower.  It won't take too long, you were 50% finished when you started.  If you have trouble pulling your needle through the canvas, use a pair of needle grasps.  They will save your hands.

The petals are made from WireLace.  You need to poke a really big hole in your canvas to allow your needle to come through.

Make a loop of the WireLace and the flower is almost ready for it's closeup.  Next up, trim your Turkey Work.  I like to use curved scissors when cutting my Turkey Work.  It allows me to sculpt the Turkey Work into the shape I want.

Here it is, the life-changing flower.  Has it changed your life?  Is your mind blown?  Can you tell that only 50% of the flower center is Turkey Work?  Bet you can't.  Now when faced with an area that screams for Turkey Work you know it's only half as big.


P.S.  If you would like to join us in the fun of the canvas give us a call at 410.296.0405.  We have canvases and threads ready to come to you.  There's two more lessons and plenty of sparkle to come.  Ooops!  Spoiler Alert.

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