Sunday, July 31, 2016

5 Lotus Redux - September 17 & 18

You know what happens when Karen from Zecca and I get togeher.....
It even happens when we are just chatting on the phone......

Ideas start to percolate!

And so, I am pleased to announce our latest collaboration.  5 Lotus Redux.

Join me September 17th and 18th for a fun filled project class packed with all sorts of color, texture and stitchy fun.

The canvas is in two parts so that it can be framed as a diptych, mounted together into an unusual finish or sewn together into one piece on a pillow.  Oooh!  Or what if the large piece was placed on one side of a purse and the small side on the edge of the flap on the other side.  Okay, okay, too many ideas.

Back to business here.

The canvases aren't too big 11.5 x 7 and  11.5 x 2, so they should stitch quickly.
Class price will be $265 plus the canvas, bars and thread kit.  Price to be determined.  All necessary supplies and a complete stitch guide will be provided along with lunch and desert both days!  We will spend two days stitching, hanging out, gabbing, giggling and having a grand time together.  
As with many of my special classes there are limited edition goodies as part of the project.  When they are gone they are gone and substitutions will need to be made.
11-5 Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18
Hope you can make it.  Space is filling up fast!

P.S.  Sorry, Zecca trunkshow special does not apply to this canvas.

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