Sunday, August 21, 2016

and so it begins

Today was the start of our newest mystery class, The Three Stwooges by Love You More. 

With rain pouring from the sky we started with the background.  No surprise there.  I often start with the background.  That allows me to put all the dimension in the main characters and really make them pop.

The fun of this background was selecting stitches and threads that are soft and mysterious.

The moon of course glows in the dark.  How could it not?

The trees are sketchy and gnarly.  They are ready to reach out and grab you!

The sky is a slightly angled stitch that looks like mist rising.  The foreground and pumpkins are all stitched as one.  Nothing should detract from the stwooges.

The real fun of this lesson is the thread used.  Three overdyed colors of floche. One is from my Color Dreams line; the other two are from Threadnuts!  Very fun to compare the differences and you know I love floche!

The limited edition snap trays completely sold out for this class, but we still have super cute scissor fobs.  If you want one, grab them while they are here.

Next lesson is September 25th! Wow! Five weeks.  Plenty to do until then.  There's a mounatain of kits shipping tomorrow.  We are waiting for our second shipment of canvases.  As soon as they arrive the rest of the kits will be on their way.

Until next time, here's the stitch used in the sky.



Natalie Bell-Kearney said...

Now I'm super excited to start this! Love it all and I think I can be all ready for lesson 2 in 5 weeks (AND finish up Mr bunny too)

BamaCarol said...

Love the sky background and I'm intrigued by the pumpkin/ground one as well. Super stitch selection, Ruth!

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