Friday, August 05, 2016

Corina Luyken

You may know how much I love the art of Corina Luyken.  I have stitched two as mystery classes and have more than I care to admit in my stash.  Hmmm, I love her look.

The designs are being retired.  Soon there will be no more canvases to tempt you from this very talented artist.

If you have been thinking about any of them now, is the time to commit.  Don't let these beauties get away!  I will be placing a reorder on Monday so let me know what you want.  All are approximately 8 x 10 handpainted on 18ct.  We are offering a sale price of $110 each.

 Windy 1202 - guide available - Sold out

 Dog Walker 1310 - guide available

Poinsettia Lady 1312 - guide available

 Watering Can Lady 1213 - guide available

Peace 1308 - sold out

 Rain or Shine 1311

 Red Coat 1313

 Bicycle 1203

 Reading 1204

 Out of Reach 1205

 Cookies 1206

Knitting 1207

Party 1208

Hearts 1209

 Ice skater 1210

 Bouquet 1210

 Flower Pot 1212

 Quilters 1481

 Barflies 1482

 Rollerskates 1578

Love Letter 1579

Guides where available are an additional price.  As always we are happy to pull threads for anything you fall in love with.  


1 comment:

Catherine Stroup said...

Sorry to see these go!

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