Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trees, Trees, Oh Wonderful Trees

I am so excited!  Kelly Clark has a new club!  Well actually two clubs.  One is good.  Two is better, right?

Several years ago Kelly designed a serious of trees.  They are just the prettiest ever and yes, they are in my personal "to do" pile.  Lets not go there.  I do love them all. 

And now, I love the new trees.  They are seashore themed, and they aren't too Christmasy.  Pop one or two or three on a shelf for a fun little display in the family room, bath or kitchen.

One series is more tropical and one is more coastal.  Take your pick or do them both.  There's only 6 per club and they come every other month so they won't bog you down.  Each tree is perfectly painted and comes with a magical Kelly stitchguide.

The coastal trees are New England, lighthouses and lobster, beautiful northern blues.

The tropical trees are Lily Pulitzer, palm trees and flamingos.

We will have a thread list in November and will be putting together thread kits.  The club starts in March of next year but its always good to sign up early so you don't forget you love these gems.  Early joiners will receive a 50% discount on the 6th tree in their club(s)

All the details are on the website.  Coastal Tees are here.  Tropical Trees are here.

And if you are curious about the original club that started it all. Here it is

It's still available and if  you start now,  you could have lots of them done before you get your first seashore tree.  Just a thought.


P.S.  While we are talking about Kelly Clark.  Her first cyber class will be starting mid October.  If you would like to join the fun, we are happy to supply canvas and threads.   Order the Bee's Proverb here and email kelly you would like to sign up for the cyberclass.  She's doing videos over on facebook!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Personality Plus

These owls are just the cutest!  Three Stwooges by Love You More is our current mystery class.  Today we focused on giving them personality.  Each one is a bit different but they are all super cute.

The hats are stitched differently with a fun assortment of black threads and beads.

The hat on the left is a series of layered crescents!  Long stitches rejoice!  Yes, it eats thread but there is no counting and it stitches up quick and fun.

The middle owl has big bold eyes featuring buttonholed rings.  His eyes are great.  I feel like this little guy is really a movie star hiding from the paparazzi!

The third owl is a little rough around the edges.  He's the big guy.  His feathers are a little matted thanks to needle felting burmilana!  The beaded rope edging along the brim of his hat is fun touch.

Next lesson will focus on the rest of their costumes.  That's a month away.  If you would like to join the fun, give us a call or sign up here.

The owls weren't the only ones with personality today.  We had a special guest, Abby!  She is a doll.

She's my new BFF.  I think we may have tired her out.

Nitey, night.


P.S.  For those of you who signed up later in the program, we received a few canvases at market last weekend but there are many more on order.  Hopefully they will arrive soon.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stash Buster!!!!

Here you go, a stash buster that is not only a buster but cute and usable.  It hits on 3 points.  YAY!

Designed by zecca this fun scissor case and matching fob is a great on the go project or keep it handy as a doodle canvas. Want to try a stitch?  Try it here and after a few sessions of experimenting with new stitches or threads you will have a one of a kind accessory.

Each canvas is drawn differently and comes with a random assortment of buttons to set the color palette or not. :-)

You can order your super cute mix and match scissor case and fob here or give us a call at 410.296.0405. Leave it to zecca to make me want to use a doodle canvas :-)

We also have extra button sets if you need those.

Monday, September 19, 2016

What a fun class!

What did you do this weekend?

We had a class that may well be one of my favorite classes ever!

A.  It was a zecca canvas. YAY!

B.  It had happy colors.  YAY!

C.  It wasn't too big and none of the areas were too big.   YAY!  and YAY!

D.  The really cool thing is that it turned into a technique class.  A little of this a little of that and not too much of any one thing.

There's lots of fun stitches, some counted, some free-form.  Many different threads and beads, even an assortment of goldwork techniques all wrapped into this piece.

Kathy's "Wow" expression was priceless when she saw what we were going to do with this canvas.

The canvas is actually two separate canvases.  Stitch them both and then assemble together into a frame or pillow.

Look how far we got in just2 short days of stitching...

That's a lot for 2 days in class while chatting and shopping.

I love that our new classroom allows for some serious spreading out :-)

Thank you everyone who came to class this weekend.  xo's to everyone.  Kathy and Katie, great to see my Texas girlfriends.  Miss you already.


P.S.  If you love this canvas as much as I do, here's the link for ordering

Friday, September 16, 2016

lulu my lulu

Look what we have!  New lulu mypinkturtle canvases! Woo Hoo!

Lulu's canvases continue to make me happy. Today I am obsessed with Catnip Party, duh! and Las Flores de Muerte.  Tomorrow it may be different canvases but you really can't go wrong with any of them.  I love that I can do fun stitches on them and never get bored!

I'll be teaching the wonderful zecca 5 Lotus Redux classthis weekend while Megan is at the wholesale market.  Check back for photos.  I really love how the lotus are developing.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Going for a bike ride

No I'm not going for a bike ride, but Eleanor Grosch has.

She has wonderful new bicycle adventure themed canvases ready for your own stitching exploit.  Such fun designs simplified to great shapes ready to fill with stitches.

You can see her entire collection here.  Each of these designs is approximately 8.5 x 12.5 on 18ct.



And now for something totally different.  The Deco Detective.  Love, the clean lines of this one.  So simple, so graphic.  I love the background, it screams for an open stitch.  She's only 8 x 8, so won't be a time intensive stitch.  I can't wait to see where this series goes.

All of these wonderful canvases will be here within the week; order yours now so you get one of the first canvases.

Happy, happy stitching.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Crazy Count

The Count, the wonderful dimensional bat from Tapestry Fair has finished wings! Hot dog!

Believe it or not I've been excited about the borders on the wings since the very beginning.  I had a vision of them looking crazy quilted and using ribbons and trims to make that a reality.

The borders use shibori ribbon!  Shibori ribbon is 4" wide bias cut silk that is pleated to 1" and dyed. 

YUMMY!  The cool thing about the ribbon is that you can bend and sculpt the ribbon to allow it to flow and curve.  Add to the shibori ribbon hand dyed ric rac, a handful of vintage swarovski buttons and kapow!  We have lift off!

The Count is winging his way to the finisher. 

Kits are packed and waiting for Sterling our favorite UPS master mover to pick them up and get them on their way to you.

I hope you love the finishing touches as much as I do.


Friday, September 09, 2016

In Case You Were Wondering

There's only 106 days until Christmas!

Santa is busy Determining Naughty or Nice!!  Are you on the nice list?

Consider asking Santa for our Christmas Mystery. 

This is a brand new canvas from our newest artist, David Galchutt.  So excited!

Santa is 10 x 13 handpainted on 18ct.

We will stitch this canvas over 4 lessons. Classes will be November 13, December 4 and 18th and January 15th; Sunday afternoons from 1-3pm. You can join us in person or long distance.

Full details on the class are on the website.  Class size is limited. Please sign up early to reserve your space and ensure you receive your canvas in time to start with the rest of the class. 

Some of you have been asking me to challenge myself with something more traditional so here we go.  This is it.  I'm not sure when the planets will align this way again.  :-)

Hope you love our Santa.


Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Magnet Mavens!

Having a bad day?

Need a little gift just for you?

Want a Little Package of Sunshine?

What is the one thing in the needlepoint world we all love that just makes us smile?


Become a Magnet Maven and get a “Pick Me Up” whenever you want one.  Just give us a call, email us, PM us, send smoke signals whatever floats your boat, and we’ll send you a little goody package.  Inside will be one brand spankin new magnet.  These are limited edition/exclusive to us magnets! 

This isn’t necessarily a monthly ship, this is simply when you tell us to send you one.  It can be with something else or by itself. 

It can be monthly if you wish it.  You tell us what makes you smile. 

You can spread them out, get a bunch all at once, again, whatever makes you smile.  This is just for you! 

Or pay it forward and gift it to a friend who needs a bit of sunshine.

And because you know I love to twist things up a bit there will be “Golden Tickets” sent out every so often.  Find a golden ticket in your box and get a discount on purchase, a gift certificate or some other surprise gift.

Want to sign up?  Join the fun by clicking here, or give us a call at 410.296.0405.


now for the fine print....
We promise not to send you the same magnet twice.  We’ll track that.  We have only a small number of each design so if you want more than one a month you can do that.  You don't want to miss any.  They are all too cute!

Shipment if sent alone will not exceed $27.00 including shipping + MD Sales tax if you live in Maryland.

Have us send your pick me up with another order and save shipping plus receive a 10% discount on the magnet.

Registration fee is $25.  This is a registration fee.  It is not applied to any shipment.  It will be used to fund your account in case your cc is declined when we send your package.  There would be nothing worse than requesting a special pick me up and then receiving a call that your card won’t work.  We’ll wait a few days for that call.

Magnets will ship one day per week, not necessarily the day you order.  If you are a monthly participant they will ship on or near the 10th of the month.

Sorry, no returns or exchanges on magnets

Sunday, September 04, 2016

New, new, new

We are getting ready for the Dallas tradeshow in a few weeks which means its the perfect time to showcase some of our newest canvases.  Everything is in stock now ready to wing its way to you.

I have lots of new Christmas canvases....  You can see them all here.


And a new Halloween design! 

And we have a few new gems from kimberly!  You can see all of her fabulous canvases here.

Kimberly does the coolest purses.  This one features a very sophisticated mid century modern colorway.

Or you could stitch this one for the holidays.  Kimberly has been adding beads to hers and it looks wonderful!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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