Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Liisa Turunen was here last weekend teaching oh so pretty beady projects.  It is always a delight when she comes to teach.

She brought lots of pretty jewels to tempt us.  We can make these, really we can.

Doesn't she just look like the kind of teacher you want to hang out with?  It's true, you do.  She is patient and talented and all kinds of fun.

Unfortunately, I was so busy beading that I forgot to take pretty pictures....  I'll post what I made when I finish it.

She'll be back in 2018.  More beady fun with Liisa then.  Maybe I'll finish my projects before she comes back. 


P.S.  She forgot to bring us kittens!  Not only does Liisa bead, she fosters kittens.  Talk about a sparkly good heart.


Natalie Bell-Kearney said...

New class idea- beading with kittens! It would have to be a class on messy beading for sure!

Ruth Schmuff said...


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