Monday, April 11, 2016

A New Found Love, Bead Embroidery

Watch out ladies and gents, there's a new love in my life.  Bead Embroidery!

Kinga Nichols was here this weekend to teach three wonderful bead embroidery classes.  They were so fun!  I am hooked.  Others are hooked.  Too fun!

Our adventures began Saturday morning with Marty the Chameleon.  He is carefully outlined in pretty silver beads.  His googly eye is special.

 We made new friends and visited with old.

In the afternoon we made the Drop of Dew Earrings.  They are stunning on.  I want to make more!

 Kinga is so sweet and patient.  She makes everyone feel special and comfortable. 

We celebrated the end of the first day of class with crabs!  We love crabs and so does Kinga. 
After a quick lesson in how to eat them she declared they are a food that's a puzzle.  Gotta love that description.

The crabs were yummy. The company was great. 

Sunday's class began with my finding a pair of finished earrings at my seat.  Kinga needed something to do after crabs and I won!  Thank you!

Then we were on to creating Bees Knees!  It's a great necklace that moves along quickly.

Lots of embracing the chaos in this one.  :-)


Kinga really is a kindred spirit.  Throughout class she would get antsy and need to work on something. Does that sound like my attention span? ;-)

She worked on my Marty for a bit

and then Catherine's 

and then another.....

Before we knew it the day was over.  Class was wonderful fun.

We headed off to Yamato Sushi for dinner.  

 Danny out did himself with something flaming and yummy.  Best sushi ever!

We spent some time beading this morning and then Kinga headed home.  She will be back again next year for another weekend of beady fun.

Thank you Kinga for sharing your talent with us.


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