Thursday, April 28, 2016

More Stitchy Fun and new guides!

I promised to post more pictures from the weekend class and here they are!

First up is this darling chihuahua girl canvas by lulu mypinkturtle.  I could barely contain myself while writing the guide and again while Sue was stitching on it.  Thank goodness she is a turbo stitcher!

Look at all the areas she accomplished!

lulu canvases scream for fun and fanciful embellishments!  Big dimensional ribbon bows, ribbon roses, pom poms and beads.  Oh my;  I love this canvas!

I posted about the Witch's Corsets before but here they are with stitches in place.
The stands are all different as are the corsets.  This one is repousse!

Check out the new background.  Bats and diamonds perfect for a witch's boudoir.

Lastly is Sock by Corina Luyken.  Corina is another favorite artist of mine.  

 Jamie is another beautiful turbo stitcher.  She did homework Saturday night so we could see lots of areas in action!

I love the dimensionality of the Wirelace for the carving on the chair.  This knitter will have a stitchy chair fit for queens!

If you would like us to kit any of these wonderful canvases, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order on-line.  We are happy to send goodies your way.

This Sunday is the last lesson of Wild Salmon, stay tuned.  Good stuff is coming.


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