Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This and That

Where does the time go.  Brenda Hart was here last weekend so I have lots of fun canvases to share.

There would have been more if I had remembered to take pictures for you.   
I will do better next time.  :-)

Here are a few of the wonderful projects that are now much loved WIPs.

You can never go wrong with a Charley Harper.  This one is called Treed.

This new fish by Brooke Connor is going to be so cool when finished.  We lovingly call it the Franken Fish.  So many fun techniques and stitches will be used.  I can't wait to see it finished.

Alice from Sandra Vargas is coming to life.  

Carol had a great idea that she wanted the background to represent all the playing card suits.  I jumped in and gave her a fun new background.  This is to be worked as columns of darning patterns with rows of elongated tent between them.  

A super simple Christmas canvas by Machelle Sommerville is the perfect stage for great stitches and threads.

Marylou brought her House Hunt canvas finished to perfection.  She made a few changes along the way.  Some of which I am thinking about adopting on mine.  See it's a good thing mine isn't finished yet.

House Hunt was our first Mystery Class of the year.  It's still available and super fun to stitch.  If you would like one, give us a jingle at 410.296.0405 and we'll send it your way.

More fun stuff to follow.  Carol brought Bejing Traffic Dash finished but I will save those pictures for another day!

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