Monday, July 11, 2016

It's a life changing flower

The third class of the run bunny run mystery was yesterday.  Now we're cooking.  We're stitching birds and flowers and fun stuff!

I am completely in love with the little birdie on the bunny's butt.  He is the cutest and he uses another new color of my Color Dreams Floche.  YAY!

The leaves and stems are yummy green silks in all sorts of different textures.

And then there is the life-changing flower!  Why is it a life changing flower?  Because you are now going to learn to love Turkey Work.  Yes, you read it hear and my ladies in class really did learn to love Turkey Work.

 Stitch 50% of the flower center in Scotch Stitch. Quick and easy.  We used Pepperpot.

The flower center is almost done!  Using 2 strands of Pepperpot doubled in the needle to make 4, work Mock Turkey Work in the remaining spaces in the flower.  Three stitches per square will do it.

Fill the center of the flower.  It won't take too long, you were 50% finished when you started.  If you have trouble pulling your needle through the canvas, use a pair of needle grasps.  They will save your hands.

The petals are made from WireLace.  You need to poke a really big hole in your canvas to allow your needle to come through.

Make a loop of the WireLace and the flower is almost ready for it's closeup.  Next up, trim your Turkey Work.  I like to use curved scissors when cutting my Turkey Work.  It allows me to sculpt the Turkey Work into the shape I want.

Here it is, the life-changing flower.  Has it changed your life?  Is your mind blown?  Can you tell that only 50% of the flower center is Turkey Work?  Bet you can't.  Now when faced with an area that screams for Turkey Work you know it's only half as big.


P.S.  If you would like to join us in the fun of the canvas give us a call at 410.296.0405.  We have canvases and threads ready to come to you.  There's two more lessons and plenty of sparkle to come.  Ooops!  Spoiler Alert.

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