Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Such lovely stitchers

I've been a busy bee.  We had an embellishment class last weekend with 9 lovely ladies who came to stitch.  Nine fabulous canvases all have brand new stitchguides! 

You saw a sneak peek in the last post of the canvases and threads.   Now you get a sneak peek of the stitching!

Black Cat Red Shoes by lulu mypinkturtle

A sparkling mermaid by me!

La Primavera by lulu mypinkturtle

Double Fan Geisha from Love you More

Amanda Lawford's fish

Charley Harper birds!

 The Tea Lady by Sharon Hendy Moman

Wag the Dog by Maggie

And lest you think shopping isn't hard work, the struggles are real.

Back to the website for me.  We're almost there.  I hope to be showing you a brand spanking new website very very soon.


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