Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trees, Trees, Oh Wonderful Trees

I am so excited!  Kelly Clark has a new club!  Well actually two clubs.  One is good.  Two is better, right?

Several years ago Kelly designed a serious of trees.  They are just the prettiest ever and yes, they are in my personal "to do" pile.  Lets not go there.  I do love them all. 

And now, I love the new trees.  They are seashore themed, and they aren't too Christmasy.  Pop one or two or three on a shelf for a fun little display in the family room, bath or kitchen.

One series is more tropical and one is more coastal.  Take your pick or do them both.  There's only 6 per club and they come every other month so they won't bog you down.  Each tree is perfectly painted and comes with a magical Kelly stitchguide.

The coastal trees are New England, lighthouses and lobster, beautiful northern blues.

The tropical trees are Lily Pulitzer, palm trees and flamingos.

We will have a thread list in November and will be putting together thread kits.  The club starts in March of next year but its always good to sign up early so you don't forget you love these gems.  Early joiners will receive a 50% discount on the 6th tree in their club(s)

All the details are on the website.  Coastal Tees are here.  Tropical Trees are here.

And if you are curious about the original club that started it all. Here it is

It's still available and if  you start now,  you could have lots of them done before you get your first seashore tree.  Just a thought.


P.S.  While we are talking about Kelly Clark.  Her first cyber class will be starting mid October.  If you would like to join the fun, we are happy to supply canvas and threads.   Order the Bee's Proverb here and email kelly you would like to sign up for the cyberclass.  She's doing videos over on facebook!!!

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