Sunday, November 13, 2016

There's a Twinkle In His Eyes

Here we go!  The first lesson of Determining Naughty or Nice by our newest artist, David Galchutt was today!

This is a super beautiful painting of Santa.  You may be wondering what was I thinking, selecting something with so many details for a mystery class.  It has to be done all in basketweave right?  Nope!  Not here.  I have lots of fun stuff planned for this guy and first up was his face.

We need to keep the twinkle in his eyes.  That's what makes him magical.

If you know me, you know my aversion to Basketweave.  I just don't have the attention span for it.  I like to cover ground quickly and see my canvas come to life.  So, lets do a stitch on Santa's face!   I did and it works beautifully.  It is all stitched in 100/3 by Au Ver a Soie.  One of my favorite threads!

His nose must be jolly and red and puffy.  Thank you make up pads.

Yes, his gloves are basketweave with a few wayward stitches thrown in because I wanted just the right angle.  They really needed to be solid and come forward on the canvas. I didn't want to muddle the lines between his fingers, so basketweave it was.  If they were mittens, you know it would have been a stitch.  Yes, I had mom stitch his gloves you would have been waiting months for me to finish that detail.  I did the darkest color.  Does that count?

You know I love my go withs!  We have yummy snap trays;  thank you Carol Eix.  These are super simple but one of my favorite trays.  We still have a few if you want to grab one to go with your canvas.  If there are any left at the end of the class they will be available for non Santa students.

We even have pretty Christmas fobs that look so seasonally appropriate on Sajou scissors. (Note:  If you want to put this fob on these scissors, let us know, it's tricky.  Once attached they aren't coming off.)

We have more canvases arriving at the end of the month, so if you would like to join us give us a call at 410.296.0405 or sign up online here.  You really don't want to miss stitching Santa over Christmas do you?


P.S.  In other news....  The start of Santa Fe Felines has been delayed until early December.  Two major items are on backorder.  One was ordered in August so you would think it would be here by now.  Sigh, the price we pay for really cool stuff.

Why Fit In is in process and a new lesson of that will ship around the beginning of December too!  It's going to be a big month.  I'm getting caught up on everything.  Thank you all for your patience.  We'll get these three treasures flowing smoothly.
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