Monday, December 05, 2016

What to do? What to do?

We fall in love with a canvas that has lots and lots of details.... lots of outlines. 

Now what?  We can stitch it all in basketweave and it will be gorgeous.  If you are me it won't get finished.  I'll move on to something else and something beyond that and so it will sit.

But we loved the canvas, so what to do?

David Galchutt's santa is just such a conundrum.  Santa's beard and hair and mustache are exactly the issue.  There's lots of detail and colors that I love.  What were my choices?

Basketweave? - nope, not going to finish it

Packed Outline? - beautiful, but again, I will get bored.  This probably would have been the absolute prettiest option but I know my patience level.

A fun all over stitch? - that's going to mess with my head and either obliterate all the pretty details or make his beard sink behind everything else on the canvas. 

hmmmmm, here's what I decided to do.  I ignored all the outlines.  I stitched everything in Diagonal Long Stitch!  I changed colors.  I used Petite Silk LamĂ© Braid.  Voilá.  It worked! The shared holes of the stitches replace the Outlines that were all throughout the design. 

And other than his eyebrows, I finished him in time for class yesterday! 

We also stitched the basics of the border.  Next class is in two weeks.  Maybe it's time for Santa to get dressed.

We have a few canvases in stock so if you've been thinking about Santa, give us a call at 41.296.0405 or order online and we'll send him right out.  Ho Ho Ho, he wants to visit you!


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