Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Zecca Retreat 2017!

It's time!  It's time!

It's time to plan for Zecca Retreat 2017.  This is the big event of the needlepoint year.  Karen, of Zecca fame, and I have so much fun planning this event.

First she designs a canvas just for us.

Then I write a stitchguide for it and plan goodies to go with it.

Then you come for a weekend, April 29th and 30th, of stitching fun with me and, drumroll please..... Karen Hennessey from Zecca!  How fun is that?

As with most of my classes this is a pretty informal class.  We hang out, stitch together, laugh and have a good time.  I walk you though the parts that may be a challenge and I'm here to answer questions.  We are very relaxed.

This year's canvas is called Friends which I think is the perfect theme for not only the Zecca retreat canvas but 2017 in general.  The canvas is actually pretty cheeky, it's a bird talking to a stature of a bird in front of a painting of a chicken hanging on a wall that is covered in bird wallpaper.  Really?  That's pretty funny.  Design size is 11.5 x 7.5 handpainted on 18ct.

All details are on the website.  Sign up fast as this class is always a sell out!


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