Sunday, April 09, 2017

He can fly!

Our little hummingbird can fly!  So sweet.

Today was lesson three of the zecca hummingbird class.  It's all about direction and how changing the direction of your stitch can add depth and dimension.
The hummingbird was brought to life.  I loved stitching him.  He took no time at all.  Beads, beads, a few sequins, a little thread and more beads.  Here's the cool part.  Even though he is almost completely beaded he doesn't look heavy.  He still looks like a little tiny bird in flight.  Magic!  It's all about the size of the beads and the angle!  Bigger beads for his body, smaller beads for his tail feathers.  Pretty clever, no?

The flowers are sweet and pink, just a little pattern.  Changing the direction of the stitch causes the petals to separate one from the next!  YAY!  I do love it when a plan comes together.

Here it is all together.  Next up will be the leaves, lots and lots of green leaves.  We'll change them up and make them fun too.  See you in May for the big reveal.

In the meantime I will be finishing up the class project for zecca retreat and working furiously on Why Fit In.  Wait until you see what's next.  I'm in love!  As soon as a lesson of that is complete we are back to Row of Ladies.  I know they all went off track as I was juggling too many things.  I'm feeling like things are getting into a routine so let's keep the positive energy going. You've been very patient.


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