Monday, May 01, 2017

A couple of friends

What happens when a couple of friends with a love of needlepoint have a party and invite more needlepointers?
Shenanigans ensue!

Welcome to Zecca Retreat 2017!

This year's canvas is called A Couple of Friends.  How perfect is that?   It's kind of cheeky.  A blue pigeon is talking to his friend the golden statue bird in front of a family photo of birds hanging on bird wallpaper.  Tee Hee.

Such are the things from the mind of zecca.  :-)

For zecca retreat, Karen Hennessey of zecca fame designs the canvas, I do the stitchguide and then we have a stitch-in where I teach the piece.  It's a super fun relaxing way to spend a couple of days among friends.

The canvas is not too big fitting on 11 x 15 stretcher bars.  The blue pigeon is stitched in beautiful silks with fun stitches taht make him look feathery.

The gold bird is a multitude of stitch patterns and different gold threads and funky embellishments all selected to make him more magical and oh so vintage. 

If you would like your very own birds to fly your way, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order online here.

Hugs from Karen (aka Zecca) and I.  Next zecca retreat will be October 2018.  Hope to see you there.  We've already started planning!



p.s.  Look who came to class.  JOHNNY!  He's such a good student.


Natalie Bell-Kearney said...

Looks great!

Sheena said...

What fun you had, wish I could have been there! :)

Silverfox said...

Johnny looks like he wants to eat those birds.... serious contemplation of how to get them...

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