Sunday, May 21, 2017

Leaves, Leaves, So Many Leaves!

Today was the final lesson of the zecca hummingbird class!  There were leaves, so many leaves....

Yes, lots of leaves but the good thing is that we did them all a little differently.  Different threads, different stitches, different techniques!

We used Rainbow Gallery's new Glisten thread, which I am quite intrigued with, to create dew kissed grasses.  Petite Peluche makes fabulous fluffy leaves.

Everyone's favorite leaves are the large green ones at the bottom.  Raised Close Herringbone.  It's really a lot of fun!

Some of the leaves are felt, adding yet another new texture to the garden.  

 So much happy greenery!  It really wasn't so bad doing it all at once :-)

The canvas, stitchguide and threads are now available as a complete kit.  You can order here or give us a call at 410.296.0405



NJohnson said...

This piece is lovely but I would love to finish Why Fit In? and every time you show a new piece it shows that you on onto something new and not focused on Why Fit In. Please, please put some time into finishing that piece. It's been a long time since your November 2016 promise that it would be "very soon," and even longer since this mystery class was started in early 2014. I think you need to update us on this class or admit that you don't intend to finish it.

Sheena said...

What a wonderful piece with fun stitches!! Awesome!:)

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