Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Play Day with Karen

And now for something totally different.... I took a day off.  While Karen was here from zecca she and I spent a day playing, shopping, eating and visiting.

No, no food photos.  Sorry. I can tell you there was Tropical Champagne involved.

We visited one of our favorite places that I don't get to nearly enough considering I live here.  The American Visionary Arts Museum.  It is a museum filled with outsider art and changing exhibits.  The current exhibit Yummi was all about the history, fantasy, future of food.

You can imagine this was my favorite part of the show.  Look at all that color!  A mandala made from paper plates. 


And there's bees that fly around it.  It moves!!!!

If you want to see it move, click here.  I'm in love.

There was also this guy made entirely from peeps.  There were a lot of other food related things that were creepy.  I really don't want to know if there are bug remains in my food etc..... Thanks for sharing, NOT!

Remember Mad Magazine?

Love these two great pieces from Chris Roberts Antieu.

 How about this for a spiffy ride?

Looking forward to seeing what's new for the next show.  I know Betsy Youngquist will be having an exhibit soon.  I love her work and it's beaded!!!  I will have to check it out.


Two of my favorite peeps!  Karen and Johnny.


Catherine Stroup said...

Love the Mandala! Just awesome!

annamaria magda said...


Christine Norton said...

I have always wanted to go to that museum....just too lazy on the weekends. :-) Love Karen and Johnny!

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