Thursday, June 29, 2017


Oooh!  The next in the series of nine from Kimberly is Movement!

Stitch one, or stitch them all and showcase them together.

Each is only 5" x 5" handpainted on 18ct and complete with stitchguide.  

What a glorious piece it is, filled with all sorts of fun and different techniques.  The flower petals are gold kid leather.  How awesome is that?

If you would like to order a kit, here's the link.  Or give us a call at 410.296.0405.

Kimberly will be twice as tickled if you order now as tomorrow is her birthday! 

Happy Birthday, dear friend


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Owls and Birds, Birds and Owls, Owls and Birds

Today was lesson two of the Sandra Vargas Owl with Key Mystery Class.  We've made lots of progress.  The owl is coming together nicely with all sorts of fun stitches.

Gloriana provided the perfect shade of blue overdye silk to set the tone for the owl's feathers.  And of course I added Petite Silk Lamé Braid to the piece.  You know I love sparkle.

The top of the owl's head is filled with a tiny pattern stitch that fits nicely in the feathers over his eyes.

The upper wing and the tail of the owl both share the same stitch but in two different sizes.  Remember stitches can be sized up or down as long as you size even count stitches to even count stitches and odd count to odd count.

He's a pretty cute little guy.  

The owl was originally planned as a four lesson class but we're going to change things up and make it three lessons.  We're almost done!  The next lesson is July 9th.  Can you believe it's July already. 

What will be next?  We need something happy and sunny.  Let's stitch a bird!  What about a happy blue bird from ellen giggenbach?  The design size is 7.25 x 9.5 handpainted on 18ct.  Classes will be July 23rd, August 6th and 27th.  We'll keep this one nice and light and airy, perfect for summer.

If you would like to join the fun of one of our mysteries you can sign up here, or by giving us a call at 410.296.0405.

If you like what you see on the owl, we have canvases in stock and can send you lessons one and two. From that point you will be in the queue to receive the final lesson.  Here's the link to order online.

So, where am I with the rest of our mysteries.  They are coming along.  Row of Ladies will be next.  I anticipate that going out by the middle of July. Yes, it's been a long time but I'm getting caught up.  Lesson 5 of Why Fit In has shipped.  If you don't have yours yet, give us a call.  We probably need an updated CC.

Thank you for your love and support.  Happy Stitching.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Weekend with Mary

It's always fun when new teachers come to the beehive.  We have the opportunity to look at needlepoint through a different set of eyes!  Every teacher has their own voice.  Some teachers are lighter using Petite Silk Lamé Braid on 13ct and some are heavier using layers and layers of threads on a canvas.  There's no right or wrong.  It's just different and exciting and fun.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to have Mary Legallet of Whimsical Stitch teach two exciting projects.

The first class was an Emma Williams canvas from Melissa Shirley Designs, Passion Flowers and Birds.  Just look at all these yummy threads.  It's painted on 13ct with lots of fun spaces for stitches and techniques.

The water really is Petite Silk Lamé Braid!  Really, really on 13ct.  It looks great!

 Throughout the class Mary does demos of techniques you need to know.

We learned how to make big wonderful flowers from ribbon.


And of course there were beads :-)

If you would like a kit for this canvas, give us a call or order online here and we'll send it your way. 

The second project was Zecca's Royal Peeps.  So cute! 

I can barely stand how cute these peeps are.  The king on the left with the big fancy crown with his courtly night bowing to him.  LOL  Only zecca!

 There's lots of fun techniques in this canvas.  I love, love, love the bird stitches.  So much fun.  If you would like to stitch the peeps, give us a call or order online.  You know the drill.  You know we love sending goody boxes in the mail.  We pack them extra special.

Mary will be back next year.  We don't have dates or projects picked but watch for announcements, check your schedule and join the fun! 

Thank you to everyone who came to class and thank you Mary for a super fun weekend.  Hugs to Max and Lola.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A New Designer! And she loves cats :-)

I am happy to introduce the art of Rebecca Walk!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Lots of details in these designs, but you can choose what to keep and what to ignore.

She loves cats so of course we love her :-)

This is Stylin Siamese.

The most amazing Red Octopus, because yes, everyone needs a red octopus!

Two super cute fluffy cats.

 Tabby Kitty

Gray Kitty 

All are instock now and ready to be adopted into their furever homes.

I see small stitches and beads and exposed backgrounds.  You know I don't believe every canvas intersection needs a stitch.

Happy Wednesday,


Sunday, June 11, 2017

A New Mystery, A New Owl

It's time to start a new Mystery Class!  Today was the first lesson of the Owl with Key by Sandra Vargas.  We love her style and this canvas is no exception.  Big beautiful eyes draw you in and that flower on the owl's tummy!  What will we do with that?

I do like to keep you guessing what I will do with a canvas but by now you know, lesson one is more than likely the background.  I like the lacy look of the painted background and wanted to create the illusion of lace without it getting too heavy.  Soooooo.....

Step one is a nice light sparkly pattern.

Step two is all freeform embroidery.  I'm not finished with the background yet.  I will embellish more of the painted lace but this gives you the idea.  You can do as much or as little as you like.  It's kind of like eating popcorn.  You just keep going.

Next up is the key.  I needed to stitch that next so that the owl would have a place to sit.  Mine is stitched entirely in Inline Couching.  You could also Tent Stitch it.  The idea is that it should be smooth and show off the curves.

You know I love go withs.  They make me happy.  Our new snap tray may just be the prettiest one yet.  We have a few not spoken for so if you want us to add one to your package give us a call or email us.

And just look at the fat little owl magnet everyone is getting with their class kit!  Too cute and so sparkly!

Next lesson is in two weeks!  I guess the owl is next :-)  We do have extra canvases in stock so if I have just tempted you, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order online and we can send goodies your way.

Mary Legallet is here next weekend for two fun filled classes.  Kits will be available if you aren't joining us in person.

The fifth lesson of Why Fit In has finally shipped!  If you don't have yours yet, give us a call. 

I'm working on the next lesson of Row of Ladies II and will have the girls back on track asap!  Lots going on. 

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Extravaganza Part Two

When last we met, I showed you some of the canvases from our Embellishment Extravaganza last weekend.  Do you want to see more?

Of course you do :-)

We now have stitchguides for three of the Maggie Mandalas.  This is Wild Fish.

Brenda Stofft's Steampunk Cat is really quite dapper.    

This little mouse cracks me up!

Or perhaps you would like a peek at what we did with the Zecca Fancy Gourds?

And while we are talking gourds and pumpkins, the Machele Sommerville funky pumpkins also came to class.

Last but not least Zecca's Songbirds sang us a little song.

Thank you all for visiting.  We had a great weekend.  See you soon.


Monday, June 05, 2017

Embellishment Extravaganza

Here we go again!

Three times a year I host an embellishment weekend.  The students choose their canvases ahead of time and I write full stitchguides for each canvas.  We then spend two days relaxing and stitching the canvases.  This is your chance to ask questions and get one on one help about anything that looks challenging.

Over the next few days I will share some process photos of the fun canvases that now have stitchguides!  YAY!  If something speaks to you give us a call or click the links under the photos.

This is Brenda Stofft's Cat in a Kimono.  Look at that face!  Love it.

If cats in kimonos aren't your thing, check out the Machelle Sommerville vases.  

This canvas is big but it's on 14ct so it will move along nicely.  The upper border of this vase is encrusted with pearls!

The new Lady Lounging canvas from Sara Pulver is a riot.  Look at all those cats!!!!

What about fish?  Beaded fish and sequined fish to be exact. 
Maggie's Tropical Fish Mandala is so crazy colorful.  It's just makes you happy.

We had a great group of 11 ladies all so different with different canvases and great stitching talent.  Thanks for coming.


I'll post more tomorrow

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