Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Extravaganza Part Two

When last we met, I showed you some of the canvases from our Embellishment Extravaganza last weekend.  Do you want to see more?

Of course you do :-)

We now have stitchguides for three of the Maggie Mandalas.  This is Wild Fish.

Brenda Stofft's Steampunk Cat is really quite dapper.    

This little mouse cracks me up!

Or perhaps you would like a peek at what we did with the Zecca Fancy Gourds?

And while we are talking gourds and pumpkins, the Machele Sommerville funky pumpkins also came to class.

Last but not least Zecca's Songbirds sang us a little song.

Thank you all for visiting.  We had a great weekend.  See you soon.



Orna Willis said...

Those canvases are gorgeous!

Catherine Stroup said...

Awesome photos! Love looking at all the stitches you chose! Thanks for sharing!

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