Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Blue Bird of Happiness

The Blue Bird of Happiness, that's what I'm calling this piece now.  It's simply happy.  The stitches are fun, the colors are bright.  It's perfect for summer.

Ellen Giggenbach is one of our favorite artists and we really don't stitch enough of her pieces.  I think we need to remedy that.  Her style is very graphic.  She is a cut paper illustrator.  However there are times when other details are added bringing more texture to the piece.  Sometimes those layers are translucent, layered one on top of the other to make new colors and textures.

This was one of those times.  I loved all the random black lines through the bird's body.  So my job was to figure out how to create that without telling you to stitch random lines!  

So, a brand new stitch to the rescue and voilá I think we achieved the goal.  Of course I threw in a few other tricks just to make it special.

The background is another interesting area.  It is layers of shapes.  Stitch them all the same or all different.  That is the question.  I chose to do a little of each.  The stitch flows through the background areas but at the same time it morphs and lightens.  And we get to play with two different Color Dreams Floche colors!

Here we are, lesson one complete.  If you haven't joined the fun, give us a call or order online here.  We have a few canvases in stock and can send you lesson one now or send it with the final lesson in two weeks.


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