Sunday, October 29, 2017

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming

... for this note from our sponsors

Johnny wants to make certain all needlepointers, beaders and cookie eaters are having a happy National Cat Day!  Hug your kitties. 

Or better yet, teach them to needlepoint.  Johnny's learning.  (Thank you Sheena for the fun photos.)

The rest of the boys send their love too.





See you soon.


This picture is just because it's pretty.  Hmmm wonder if there's a hint here for an upcoming project?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


It's time to showcase another of Kimberly's series of nine squares.  This is Bubbles a beautiful fish with a seaweed inspired border. 

There are always so many fun techniques packed into these petite canvases.  Learn a lot and finish a beautiful design.  What's not to love.

If you would like to stitch your very own bubbles you can order online here or give us a call at 410.296.0405.


Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Three Stwooges are here!

They are back from the finisher and looking pretty nifty!  This was our mystery class last year and it was so much fun. Lots of detail but not too much of any one thing.  Totally doable! 

If you would like to stitch your very own Three Stwooges you can order here or give us a call at 410.296.0405 and we'll take care of the rest.



Saturday, October 21, 2017

What a Finish!

In two weeks we will be hosting our Fall Embellishment Extravaganza.  It's always a sell out and always oodles of fun.  I can't wait to show you all the fun canvases that will be stitched.  There's two Rebecca Walk canvases, two of mine, a Zecca, a Lani, an Eleanor Grosch, a Brooke Connor an ellen giggenbach and more.  WOW!  It's going to be super fun and super colorful.

FYI. the next embellishment extravaganza is the first weekend of January.   If you would like to join the fun, check your calendars and give us a call to sign up.

You pick the canvas and I write the guide.  Anything that excites you.  No hoping I pick the right canvas for a mystery class.  This is all about you!

Suzy selected the Brenda Stofft Cat in Kimono for our last class and she has finished it!!!  Woo hoo!  Look at this. 

Thank you Suzy for letting us show off your stitching.  It is beautiful.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Great Mystery Show

The Great Mystery Show just opened at the American Visionary Arts Museum.  Wow, just Wow!  I love AVAM.  I always say I don't get there often enough but hey I'm getting there more often.  

There's a mirror tree and mosaic wall at the entrance that always make me smile.

It's my go to place when art and color inspired friends come to visit.  :-) 

My friend Susan was here a week or so ago for Kinga's classes and we went to the current exhibit.  We had been following creation of a beaded wedding gown by Jan Huling.  

Okay there are lots of beaded wedding gowns, but Jan's is really different.  It's a 3d printed replica of her mother's wedding gown.  She covered the entire gown and train with 260 plastic tiles covered with beads and embellishments.  "The result is a beaded gown full of the mystery of life’s connecting circles—from the gift and loss of mother, marriage, happiness and peace, to the resolution of a work created in profound gratitude for it all. " (avam)  

Check out the centers of the circles some of them have photos of her mom or other momentos that mean so much to her.

I'm a little obsessed with all the beautiful circles.


Look at this little guy guarding the gown.  Just like Cinderella's helpers.

Betsy Youngquist is a favorite artist of mine.  Again sculpture and beads :-)  Gotta love this bunny.

You know how I feel about the eyes of the piece of art.  Love how she handled the eyes on this guy.

These are all done with beads and rhinestones and grout!  This is a more traditional mosaic technique.

 Chris Roberts Antieau also had a new piece at the show.

Check out the birds!!!!!

And just a few more things that amused me.....

Thanks for visiting with me.  If you have a chance, the show will be up through September!  It's worth the trip.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Zombie Eyes!!!

My oh my, such eyes you have.  The original eyes on our skeleton were just black holes.  Quite effective but lets dial it up and make him scarier just in time for halloween!  How could I resist the temptation?  These are glass zombie eyes.  If I could have made them twirl I would have, hee hee.

Today was lesson 4 of Boo by David Galchutt.  This is our current mystery class and it is full of surprises. One of the surprises was the amount of Basketweave :-) JK.  For me it was a lot of basketweave but it was the best choice for his bony hands.

His teeth are super quick, glistening long stitches of Accentuate was just the thing to capture the icky yellow teeth.

Last but not least was the pumpkin head on a stick.  Pumpkins are a challenge to stitch.  I always want the ridges and shading to show so not every stitch works.  This one did! 

Again, I love his eyes.  Rings made the perfect frame for them so they look extra special. 

The next lesson is not for a month! We have two big classes in between.  Watch for the next lesson of Santa Fe Felines to be releases too.  Always something fun going on.

See you soon.

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