Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Funny How the Mind Works......

So, I'm working on creating new videos when the muse strikes and the planets align.

But then I have to remember to post them!  LOL.

I made this video while stitching the Hare and the Crow by Brenda Stofft to show how I handled working Japanese Ribbon Stitch for a large curvy leaf.

And it wasn't until just the other day that I remembered I forgot to share it with you.  

And if then technology wasn't behaving.  Full moon you know.  It has taken a full day of coddling to get this video to post.  Not sure why, but it did.  Finally it's here. 

So here you go, how to make a tall curvy leaf with 7mm ribbon! 

Ribbon really is almost as fun as beads, she says with a wink and a giggle.


P.S.  We will resume our regularly scheduled programming in a day or two with pictures and pretties from the Holiday Owls our newest mystery class.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Another great video! Thanks, Ruth. Japanese ribbon stitch is easy to do but hard to explain, so this is a terrific resource.

Radka said...

I love the design! :-)

Marlene Siegel said...

had a minute to watch the video. loved it.

laura z. said...

What a great video Ruth, thanks for sharing! So much easier to understand when watching, rather than reading. Esp. for this old brain. :) Question: what size needle do you use for that size ribbon?

Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge, it's so appreciated!

Sheena said...

Well done Ruth, excellent video!

Ruth Schmuff said...

Glad you like the video. I'm learning so bare with me.
As to needle sizes, don't laugh. I'm not a rule follower. If the thread goes in the needle and the needle goes in the canvas I am happy. I grab whatever is handy, usually a 22 or 24. Technically a chenille needle would punch a hole nicer but.... I'm too in the moment I want to try the idea, not look for needles.

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