Thursday, December 28, 2017

More birds

I've been posting about a series of zecca birds that are just too cool.   It's time I remembered to show you the final pair.

As I mentioned, they are zecca which means they are quirky and uber colorful.  What's not to love?  The birds are two to a canvas so you can finish just two as ornaments, all six as ornaments or hang them as a mobile or as a long wonderful string of birds.  No matter which you choose they are quick to stitch.

We documented Karen's stitches so there are guides for each of the pairs.  Here's the third pair!

Two Birds #3

Here are the birds hanging from a column.  Pretty cool!

This is the final pair of birds.  Well, at least until Karen decides to design more :-)  Each one is happier than the next.  If you would like a flock or a pair, give us a call at 410.296.0405 or order Two Birds #3 here.


P.S.  In case you missed the first birds sets of birds, they are here and here!

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